Specialist Assessment
The Non-Registered Specialist Assessment Program (NRSAP)
  • It is an practice-ready assessment program for internationally trained medical specialists, who can practice independently and do not need further residency training
  • NRSAP candidates are expected to demonstrate skills acceptable to the CPSM and in line with standards for Canadian trained specialists
  • Candidates must be eligible for conditional registration with the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) before proceeding to the screening steps of the NRSAP
  • Successful candidates are required to fulfill a return-of-service with the sponsoring Regional Health Authority (RHA) / employer

Components of NRSAP process in Manitoba:

1. Employment opportunity eligible for NRSAP:

The Manitoba HealthCare Providers Network is responsible for posting of vacancies. Regional Health Authorities post all specialist vacancies on this website. Other employers who wish to post specialist vacancies can only do so with the consent of appropriate RHA to ensure that the posting meets overall regional workforce needs.

2. Candidate responsibilities: 

  1. Obtain confirmation of eligibility from CPSM
  2. Register with the Manitoba HealthCare Providers Network and satisfy the following mandatory requirements:
    • Electronic copy of CV
    • Proof of English competency TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System).  An overall score of 96 TOEFL with at least 24 in all components OR an overall band score of 7 on the IELTS (Academic Module) with a minimum score of 7 in each component. Exam should be taken when making application to the NRSAP. Both TOEFL and IELTS will be considered valid for 2 years from date taken.
    • Proof of residency/immigration status (preference will be given to Manitoba Residents and those who have Canadian Permanent Resident status)
    • Proof of completion of MCCEE (preference will be given to the candidates who have passed MCCQE1 and MCCQE2) 
  3. Review the postings on the Manitoba HealthCare Providers Network  and follow the instructions for applying for the position and securing sponsorship for the NRSAP. If a sponsorship is secured, the RHA is required to provide written confirmation to the Manitoba HealthCare Providers Network as this will be considered in the screening process. Note that a sponsor is not required to advance to screening.

3. Candidate selection:

Once above requirements are met, the Manitoba HealthCare Providers Network coordinates the NRSAP screening process.

The Manitoba HealthCare Providers Network reviews candidate files on a frequent basis using the following screening criteria:

  1. Mandatory requirements (see B above)
  2. Employment opportunity and potential sponsor identified
  3. Working experience in an English speaking environment

The Manitoba HealthCare Providers Network provides a list of potential candidates who applied to a posted position and that have met the screening criteria to the Screening Panel. The Screening Panel’s membership will be comprised of representatives from the University of Manitoba (IMG Program); Specialty Department of Assessment; RHA CMO and when applicable representative from the Manitoba Privileges Advisory Committee “MPAC”.

Once suitable candidate is identified, the University of Manitoba IMG Program office arranges the NRSAP assessment

4. Assessment Process

  • The University of Manitoba IMG Program coordinates the assessment
  • Assessment is conducted in the specialist's department, at the University of Manitoba's affiliated hospitals
  • Duration of the assessment is 3 months to 12 months, depending on the specialty
  • Interim and final reports are completed by supervisors, colleagues, nurses, and allied health professionals and are submitted to the Head of the Department or designate
  • Head of the Department will submit a final report to the IMG Program, indicating whether the candidate has the clinical skills and knowledge to practice independently and safely, equivalent to the level of a final year resident in the specialty
  • The final recommendation is forwarded to the CPSM from the IMG Program, signed by the IMG Program Director and Associate Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education based on the departmental report

5. Mentorship

  • Following successful completion of the assessment, NRSAP candidates will be further supported by a mandatory Mentorship Program for a one year period through the IMG Program.

Last Updated: July 6, 2016