Family Physician Assessment
The Practice Ready Assessment - Family Practice (PRA-FP)

(formerly The International Medical Graduate Assessment for Conditional Licensure (IMGACL))

What is the PRA-FP? 

It is an assessment program for family physicians. IMG physicians are expected to have the skills on par with rural family physicians in Manitoba. IMGs in the PRA-FP will work as family physicians in rural underserviced areas of Manitoba for return of service.

How am I assessed in the PRA-FP?

  • Assessment is three months
  • Conducted in rural and/or city locations, often multiple locations
  • May have multiple preceptors
  • The 3 components are:
    • Clinic 1 (four weeks)
    • Clinic 2 (four weeks)
    • Acute care in ER setting (four weeks)
  • The 3 components are often distinct four week periods, but not necessarily
  • IMG physicians are evaluated after each rotation
  • Poor evaluation in any of the three components will result in immediate release from the program

If I apply, will I be admitted to the PRA-FP?

  • Your application does not guarantee admission
  • PRA-FP is a competitive program
  • See Program history and statistics for acceptance rate

How do I apply to the PRA-FP?

  • Check to see if you meet the requirements of the program (see Eligibility)
  • Downloadable application package for PRA-FP are available.
  • The application and selection process is the same for all applicants—there are no exceptions
  • Candidates must meet the requirements for conditional registration with CPSM (Shortlisted applicants only will be asked to submit an application to the CPSM for Conditional Registration)
  • The application process involves 3 main steps:
    • Application – review of Applicant credentials and experience
    • Interview
    • Therapeutic Decision Making (TDM) Examination
  • Top ranked candidates at each step go to the next step in a reverse pyramid manner
    • Proceeding to one step does not guarantee movement to the next step
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all documents are submitted/verified
    • The program is not responsible for missing documents or incomplete packages

Details of each step of the application process

  • Application
    • Fill in the PRA-FP application (Application packages)
    • Have all the exams and tests that you have completed included with the application or sent separately, ensuring that they will arrive on time:
      • English proficiency exam
      • MCCEE and MCCQE1 (both are required)
      • NAC OSCE or MCCQE2 (only one is required) 
      • Immigration status
      • Reference letters
    • Applicant requirements are outlined (Eligibility)
    • Applications are reviewed and ranked
    • Applicants must meet the requirements for conditional registration (Shortlisted applicants only will be asked to submit an application to the CPSM for Conditional Registration - see conditional registration below)
    •  Highest ranked applicants are invited for an interview
  • Interview
    • Personal interview
    • Lasts 30 minutes
    • Not a knowledge based interview
    • Two or more interviewers independently rate candidates’ answers
    • Structured questions are the same for all applicants
    • Applicants are responsible for their transportation to the interviews
  • Conditional Registration
  • Therapeutic Decision Making (TDM) Examination 
    • This examination will be scheduled to follow the candidate interviews
    • The examination is 3 hours long and tests the application of knowledge in the pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of medical problems at the level required of a family physician practicing independently in Canada.
      • Each test form is comprised of 40 cases or patient-based scenarios.  There are approximately 100 questions for each test form.  The cases represent common or important presentations from across four dimensions of care: Health Promotion and Illness Prevention, Acute Illness and Safety and Adverse Effects.  The questions are designed to assess critical thinking and decision-making.  Cases and questions also assess awareness and understanding of alternative therapies, respect for negotiating a therapeutic contract and recognition of drug misuse and abuse. 
  • Sponsorship
    • Highest ranking applicants will be invited for a sponsorship interview with representatives of Manitoba Healthcare Providers network and Regional Health Authorities (RHAs).
    • Successful candidates will be required to complete a return of service in Manitoba (current duration 4 years).
    • Only applicants who are offered and subsequently accept sponsorship by a RHA will be accepted in the PRA-FP Program. 

Getting ready for the PRA-FP

  • You will be interacting with multiple departments and agencies (Important organizations)
  • You have conditional registration with CPSM
  • Obtain written offer of employment from a Regional Health Authority (RHA) that will include:
    • Funding for the assessment (16 weeks) and orientation (4 weeks) by RHA/employer
    • Return of service agreement
  • Assessment
    • 3 months in duration
    • Assessment sites cannot be verified in advance and may be in multiple locations
    • It is the responsibility of the candidate to arrange for and cover the cost of their accommodations during the assessment 
    • The IMG Program will arrange for the assessment and inform candidates of the location.
  • Orientation
    • Mandatory
    • 4-week structured orientation for all IMG’s (Orientation)
    • Conducted in Winnipeg
    • Prepares candidates for the Canadian Health Care System
    • Stipend during this period is provided by the Sponsoring RHA and is based on attendance
  • Post-assessment
    Successful candidates will:
    • Obtain conditional licensure
    • Work for their sponsoring RHA employer for return of service
    • Mentorship - International Medical Graduate Mentorship and Clinical Enhancement (IMGMCE)
      • Physicians are assigned a mentor for a 1 year term
      • Must complete reports
    • Assigned a practice supervisor for the duration of their conditional licensure
    • Mandatory audits
    • Have 5 years to obtain Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) 
    • Have 7 years to obtain Certificate of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CCFP)


Last Updated July 27, 2017