Family Physician Assessment

International Medical Graduate Assessment for Conditional Licensure (IMGACL)

What is the IMGACL?

It is an assessment program for family physicians. IMG physicians are expected to have the skills on par with rural family physicians in Manitoba. IMGs in the IMGACL will work as family physicians in rural underserviced areas of Manitoba for return of service

How am I assessed in the IMGACL ?

  • Assessment is three months
  • Conducted in rural and/or city locations, often multiple locations
  • May have multiple preceptors
  • The 3 components are:
    • Clinic 1 (four weeks)
    • Clinic 2 (four weeks)
    • Acute care in ER setting (four weeks)
  • The 3 components are often distinct four week periods, but not necessarily
  • IMG physicians are evaluated after each rotation
  • Poor evaluation in any of the three components will result in immediate release from the program

If I apply, will I be admitted to the IMGACL?

  • Your application does not guarantee admission
  • IMGACL is a competitive program
  • See Program history and statistics for acceptance rate

How do I apply to the IMGACL?

  • Check to see if you meet the requirements of the program (see Eligibility)
  • Downloadable application package for IMGACL are available.
  • The application and selection process is the same for all applicants—there are no exceptions
  • Candidates must meet the requirements for conditional registration with CPSM (Shortlisted applicants only will be asked to submit an application to the CPSM for Conditional Registration)
  • The application process involves 3 main steps:
    • Application – review of Applicant credentials and experience
    • Interview
    • CAPE Assessment
  • Top ranked candidates at each step go to the next step in a reverse pyramid manner
    • Proceeding to one step does not guarantee movement to the next step
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all documents are submitted/verified
    • The program is not responsible for missing documents or incomplete packages

Details of each step of the application process

  • Application
    • Fill in the IMGACL application (Application packages)
    • Have all the exams and tests that you have completed included with the application or sent separately, ensuring that they will arrive on time:
      • English proficiency exam
      • MCCEE and MCCQE1 (required) and MCCQE2 (optional)
      • Immigration status
      • Reference letters
    • Applicant requirements are outlined (Eligibility)
    • Applications  are reviewed and ranked
    • Applicants must meet the requirements for conditional registration (Shortlisted applicants only will be asked to submit an application to the CPSM for Conditional Registration - see conditional registration below)
    •  Highest ranked applicants are invited for an interview
  • Interview
    • Personal interview
    • Lasts 30 minutes
    • Not a knowledge based interview
    • Two or more interviewers independently rate candidates’ answers
    • Structured questions are the same for all applicants
    • Applicants are responsible for their transportation to the interviews
  • Conditional Registration
  • CAPE Assessment
    • Clinicians Assessment and Professional Enhancement (CAPE)
    • CAPE is a measure of your performance relative to provincial standards for physician practice
    • 3-day assessment
    • 4 components
      • Multiple choice questions
      • Structured oral interview
      • Therapeutics assessment
      • Clinical and communication skills evaluation using standardized patient scenarios
    • Information about how to prepare for the CAPE is sent to invited applicants only
    • The results of the CAPE and the application rankings are analyzed and form a ranking
    • The ranking is used to select individuals to be invited for a sponsorship interview
  • Sponsorship
    • Highest ranking applicants will be invited for a sponsorship interview with representatives of Manitoba Healthcare Providers network and Regional Health Authorities (RHAs).
    • Successful candidates will be required to complete a return of service in Manitoba (current duration 4 years).
    • Only applicants who are offered and subsequently accept sponsorship by a RHA will be accepted in the IMGACL Program. 

Getting ready for the IMGACL

  • You will be interacting with multiple departments and agencies (Important organizations)
  • You have conditional registration with CPSM
  • Obtain written offer of employment from a Regional Health Authority (RHA) that will include:
    • Funding for the assessment (16 weeks) and orientation (4 weeks) by RHA/employer
    • Return of service agreement
  • Assessment
    • 3 months in duration
    • Assessment sites cannot be verified in advance and may be in multiple locations
    • It is the responsibility of the candidate to arrange for and cover the cost of their accommodations during the assessment 
    • The IMG Program will arrange for the assessment and inform candidates of the location.
  • Orientation
    • Mandatory
    • 4-week structured orientation for all IMG’s (Orientation)
    • Conducted in Winnipeg
    • Prepares candidates for the Canadian Health Care System
    • Stipend during this period is provided by the Sponsoring RHA and is based on attendance
  • Post-assessment
    Successful candidates will:
    • Obtain conditional licensure
    • Work for their sponsoring RHA employer for return of service
    • Mentorship - International Medical Graduate Mentorship and Clinical Enhancement (IMGMCE)
      • Physicians are assigned a mentor for a 1 year term
      • Must complete reports
    • Assigned a practice supervisor for the duration of their conditional licensure
    • Mandatory audits
    • Have 5 years to obtain Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) 
    • Have 7 years to obtain Certificate of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CCFP)


Last Updated June 2016