Undergraduate Programs

As part of the Faculty of Arts, BA-advanced major, BA-general major, and minor degrees in Linguistics are available. At present, linguistics does not offer an Honours major, but we're working on it.

The Department of Lingusitics particularly urges students who may wish to continue their educations with graduate work to opt for the Advanced (4-year) degree, as most graduate schools in North America will not accept a General (3-year) degree as sufficient.

All courses at 2000 and 3000 levels have prerequisites. Please be sure to check the course descriptions to be certain your prerequisites are in order before enrolling in a course. Students should bear in mind that not all courses are offered annually (though most core courses are offered at least every couple of years). In extreme cases special permission may be received to make a substitution, but in general 'take it when you can' is the best strategy.

Additional questions can be directed to an Undergraduate Advisor in the Faculty of Arts Dean's Office.

Degree Requirements

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