Jonathan Beddoes, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Dean, Faculty of Architecture
Professor and Dean of Engineering
201 John A. Russell Building
t: 204-474-9806

Dr. Jonathan Beddoes has been the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering since 2011 and, is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba. Since 2011 engineering student enrolment has increased significantly, co-op placements have nearly tripled, a dozen new faculty have been hired, several new research Chairs have been established and major external donor support has been secured, creating, among other things, the Stanley Pauley Centre and the IKO Construction Materials Research Facility. For eighteen years prior to joining the University of Manitoba, Dean Beddoes was a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University, Ottawa, including six years as Department Chair. At Carleton University he received both the Research and Teaching Achievement Awards. He has developed and taught engineering courses at all levels from first year to graduate studies. Before joining academia he worked at Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc., and Alcan Aluminium for ten years, including assignments in corporate research and design centres as well as at manufacturing and product development facilities. Engineering assignments in industry include detailed design of gas turbine hot section structures, development and refinement of aluminum processes for products ranging from beverage cans through to heat exchanger designs and engine bearing alloys, and major building design and construction management. In academia, his research has focussed on the microstructural design and properties of: high strength aluminum alloys with immunity to stress corrosion, gas turbine materials including titanium aluminides and nickel base superalloys, and stainless steel for bone fixture applications. Dean Beddoes is the (co-)author of well over 100 research papers, patents, or technical reports and two books dealing with stainless steel and industrial processing of engineering alloys.