St. Ignatius

The Jesuit Centre for Catholic Studies at St. Paul's College is a teaching, research, and service facility funded and operated as a joint initiative between St. Paul’s College and the Jesuits in English Canada.

The Centre exists to address issues related to the Catholic and Jesuit identity of St. Paul’s College and its connection to fields such as theology, philosophy, education, and the liberal arts.

Working in collaboration with others as an ecumenical and interfaith project, the Centre is charged with the facilitation and sponsorship of publications, workshops, and research directly related to the worldview of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Living the Ignatian tradition:

  • See life and the whole universe as a gift, calling forth wonder and gratefulness;
  • Give ample scope to the imagination, emotion, and the intellect;
  • Seek to find the Divine in all things – in peoples and cultures, areas of learning, and human experience;
  • Cultivate critical awareness of personal and social injustice, but recognize that God’s love is more powerful than any evil;
  • Stress freedom, the need for discernment, and responsible action;
  • Empower people to become leaders in service, building a more just and loving world.

The Centre is particularly concerned with those involved in academic reflection, catechetical work, social justice, and religious education insofar as these endeavours are related to the Catholic and Ignatian identity that exists at the University of Manitoba, within Winnipeg, and around the world.

Jesuit Centre for Catholic Studies
St. Paul's College
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