Meal Plans and Food Services

 Meal Memberships

Valid for the Academic School Year - September to April exclusive of University closures at Christmas/New Year's and Study Week in February.

Meal Plan Overview

Arthur V. Mauro Residence

  • A Meal Membership Plan is optional and is not included in the Residence Fees (cost of room only).

Mary Speechly Hall, Pembina Hall Residence, and University College Residence

*** Terms and conditions of Meal Membership Plans are subject to change without notice.***


 Mary Speechly Hall and Pembina Hall Residence

Residence students can enjoy the savings and convenience of a complete Meal Membership Plan within the residence complex. Menus are designed to satisfy appetites and nutrition standards at the lowest cost per meal on campus. The Pembina Hall Dining Room offers 19 meals per week - breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekdays; brunch and dinner on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. FoodBucks are added to each Plan to buy meals/snacks in dining areas across campus. Bag lunches are available upon request.

Three tax-free Meal Membership Plans are available for the academic year:

  • 10 Meals/week Plan - Meals at Pembina Hall Dining Room and includes $250 FoodBucks per term.  Maximum of $75 of FoodBucks per term can be used at each of: 1) Degrees Resturant 2) Hub Pub 3) Pizza Pizza (2677 Pembina Hwy)
  • 15 Meals/week Plan  - Meals at Pembina Hall Dining Room and includes $250 FoodBucks per term.   Maximum of $75 of FoodBucks per term can be used at each of: 1) Degrees Resturant 2) Hub Pub 3) Pizza Pizza (2677 Pembina Hwy)
  • 7 Days unlimited Plan - Meals at Pembina Hall Dining Room and includes $100 FoodBucks per term Maximum of $50 FoodBucks per term can be used at each of : 1) Degrees Resturant 2) Hub Pub 3) Pizza Pizza (2677 Pembina Hwy)

Unlimited and Pre-Set Weekly Meal Memberships

  • Depending on the Meal Membership, either $100 or $250 per term in Bonus FoodBucks will be included and can be used throughout campus at other specified Dining Services locations, including: Tim Hortons, Subway, and Starbucks, Degrees Resturant, Hub Pub (no alcohol), and Pizza Pizza to name a few.
  • The FoodBucks can be carried from Term 1 into Term 2.
  • All meals are to be consumed in Pembina Hall Dining Room, allowing you to re-fuel and re-connect with your fellow campus residents.
  • Pre-Set Meal Memberships (i.e., 10 or 15 meals per week) begin every Saturday morning and run to Friday night. There is no carry-over or accumulation of meals from one week to the next. Please consider this when choosing your Membership.
  • The 7-Day Unlimited Membership allows you to grab a snack, or maybe a cup of coffee or sit down and enjoy a meal as many times as you like. Statistically, this meal plan is used a great deal in the morning which indicates a healthier eating habit for the student. There is no need to create a large meal to have the sense of value as you can eat as often as you want!

 University College Residence


University College residents have an account with a pre-determined limit (similar to a bank debit card) to buy their meals in dining areas across campus, including the Pembina Hall Dining Room. Purchases are deducted automatically from the student's meal membership account. Students can eat at any University of Manitoba Dining Services location including Subway, Tim Hortons, Fresh Food Company, and all other retail locations.

Please be advised that as a result of a recent audit finding by Revenue Canada, the University of Manitoba will now be required to collect taxes on certain meal plans offered in University College Residence.

Students at University College have two options:

1.) FoodBucks Plan
2.) Flex Plan


Membership Plans

  • FoodBucks are carried from Term 1 into Term 2 and can be used throughout campus at specified Food Services locations.
  • These memberships can also be used at the Fresh Food Company® where a set meal rate will be deducted at each visit.
  • The FoodBucks Plan is exclusively FoodBucks. 
  • The Flex Plan includes $750 per term in FoodBucks and 100 meals per term
  • Meals are valid in the Pembina Hall Dining Room only
  • For both the Foodbucks Plan and the Flex Plan a maximum of $75 of FoodBucks per term can be used at each of: 1) Degrees Resturant 2) Hub Pub 3) Pizza Pizza (2677 Pembina Hwy)
  • These dollars cannot be used towards the purchase of alcohol.
  • Additional amounts are available, if required.

 Arthur V. Mauro Student Residence

Arthur V. Mauro residents have the opportunity to purchase a Voluntary Meal Membership Plan to suit their eating needs. Memberships include both FoodBucks and Pembina Hall Dining Room plans, making it easy for students to budget their funds.

No Meal Membership Commitment:

  • Available for residents of the Arthur V. Mauro Residence only.
  • Arthur V. Mauro residents who wish to purchase a Meal Membership for Pembina Hall Fresh Food Company® are invited to join at their option.
  • More information on options is available at the University of Manitoba Food Services website:

 Food Services Videos

ARAMARK contracted some of our students to produce a video promoting food services on campus. We feel they did a great job and the YouManitoba channel on YouTube (administered by Public Affairs) has now included the 5-minute video. The video is also part of the Student Residence Handbook content. 

 Pembina Hall Dining Hall - Fresh Food Company

Pembina Hall features the Fresh Food Company® - an open-kitchen, Marché Style Service* modeled after a European marketplace and featuring upscale, authentic foods all prepared fresh, in front of your eyes, instead of behind the scenes in the kitchen. Quantity cooking and mass production methods will be a thing of the past. The Fresh Food Company®is all about the food!

At the heart of the Fresh Food Company® is flexibility and freshness. Every day at each station we change the menus and the merchandising of the concept. Fresh product is delivered directly to each station and the food is prepared or “finished” in sight of our customers and diners. Every server is trained to engage the customers in making choices: seasonings, sauces, and ingredients. Each visit to the Fresh Food Company® is an “all you care to eat” experience.

Fresh Food Company® concepts include: The Deli Shop, Produce Market, Home Zone, Spice, Pembina Grill, Bakery, Pizza/Pasta Station, and an Omelette or Stir Fry Station.

* An open market atmosphere where diners can visit different stations and be served or assisted.


 PH Dining 2 PH Dining 3
 PH Dining 8
 PH Dining 7


Other Information

  • Your University ID Student Card serves as your Meal Membership. It is Non-Transferable and you must present it each time you dine.
  • You cannot use your Meal Membership to purchase meals for other people.
  • Each time you present your card, a meal is deducted from your balance. The FoodBucks Card works the same way with the cost of your purchase being deducted from your opening balance.
  • Meal Memberships cannot be used for catering services, non-food items, or alcoholic purchases.
  • All FoodBucks expire at the end of the academic year.
  • Additional FoodBucks may be purchased anytime and may be subject to applicable taxes.
  • Changes to selected Meal Memberships are only permitted during the first 14 days of the start of the current term.
  • Meal Memberships and FoodBucks are non-refundable.
  • A student who completely withdraws from the university will be charged a pro-rated fee based on the number of weeks in residence. An Administration Fee of $60 is applicable.
  • Students who change campus residences or move off-campus can continue to use their Meal Membership.
  • Lost or stolen ID cards are to be reported immediately to the Food Service Office in Room 207 Pembina Hall. A new U of M ID Card can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office. A replacement fee will be charged. The balance will be re-instated from the time of the reported loss.
  • FoodBucks are accepted on-campus during the scheduled February Reading Week Break.
  • Meal Plans are not redeemable during Reading Week closure.


 University of Manitoba Food Services Office

Meet the Food Services Team at:

A management and administrative team will be glad to assist you with any of your food service needs including dietary requirements, comments, questions, or concerns.

  • Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday
  • 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM (Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays)
  • Residence Dining Service - Operations Manager Steve Power, email:

For more information, please contact:
ARAMARK Higher Education

University of Manitoba
Room 207 Pembina Hall
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 2N1
Phone: 204-474-7048
Fax: 204-474-7538


Fresh Food Company Regular Hours (for Fall and Winter Terms):

  • Monday - Friday 7:00am - 8:00pm
  • Saturday - Sunday 11:00am - 8:00pm

** PLEASE NOTE - These are the regular hours for the dining hall.  This does not include dates when the University is closed.

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