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Residence students have numerous ways of getting Internet support, updates, and info.
  • Call and Text: 204-226-8951
  • Email:
  • Create a Ticket:  Log into the StarRez portal and create a maintenance ticket under the category “Residence Technology”. If you don’t have a working Internet connection, you can visit the AVM front desk , Mon - Fri (8:30 AM - 4:30 PM) and create a maintenance ticket on the the laptop at the front desk
  • Twitter: Follow @UofMResInternet
  • Facebook: Student Residences Internet Help Desk

NOTE:  When contacting the Student Residences Internet Help Desk ensure you leave the following information:

  • Building
  • Room Number
  • Contact Information (email, phone number)

This information helps us resolve you internet problems in an efficient manner.


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PLEASE NOTE: All residence buildings are equiped with UofM wireless Internet.  As stated in the Residence Contract - students may not broadcast their own wireless signal as it interferes with the residence wide Wi-Fi.  This means that the use of wireless routers and wireless printers in residence is prohibited.  Residencts can still use their own routers, but they must have the wireless turned off and be using the router as a cable switch.  Any residents who have questions or require help can contact the Student Resudences Internet Help Desk.

 All students in a Student Residences building can access the Internet through an in-room connection provided by the University of Manitoba.

• Internet Equipment & Wired Internet
Mary Speechly Hall and University College Residence rooms have modems and necessary cables for a wired Internet connection. In Arthur V. Mauro and Pembina Hall Residences there is no modem and you are expected to provide your own network cable.

• Routers & Wireless Internet
Want to set up a router? Ask the Student Residences IT Team for help. A misconfigured router can create network problems for you and others in the building. Wireless broadcasting via personal routers or printers is prohibited in all residence buildings because they interfere with University wireless.

• UserID and Passwords
You will be asked to log in with your UMNetID to use the residence wired Internet and campus WiFi networks. To claim your UMNetID, go to Full details here:

As of September 1, 2013, all students must use a "" or "" email to correspond with everyone (academic, research, admin, etc.) at the U of M.

Full details here:

• Copyright Infringement
Residents are not allowed to distribute files, such as music, movies, or television shows, through the Internet that would violate copyright law.

• Bandwidth
You are permitted 80GB/month of downloading and 80GB/month of uploading. If you require more bandwidth for academic purposes, please contact us via email at If you require more bandwidth for non-academic purposes, you may sign up for a paid service from an alternate provider such as Shaw or MTS.

See below and for what services are available in each building.

IT Services

• Disciplinary Measures
Copyright and bandwidth violations will be traced to your computer and dealt with in the following manner:

• 1st offence: Written warning
• 2nd offence: One week Internet shutdown
• 3rd offence: Indefinite loss of Internet service

• Virus Infections and Hacked Computers
Residents who have a virus-infected or hacked computer will have their Internet connection suspended upon detection. The resident’s Internet connection will be restored when the residence IT administrator or coordinator is confident that the resident’s computer no longer poses a risk to the U of M network and U of M faculty/staff/students.

For more information on ways to protect yourself from viruses, please read the following issue of our residence technology newsletter - RezTekZine - AntiVirus.

• Gaming Consoles
In order to access the Internet via any gaming console (xBox, Playstation, etc.) the following conditions must be met:

  1. A router must be plugged into a residence wired conection
  2. Both the console and a computer must be connected to that router
  3. The computer must have a webpage open and authenticated to access the Internet

 Please note that connecting your gaming console directly into the wired connection will not allow you to access the Internet.

Questions or comments? Please email

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 ► Residence Internet Help Desk Hours

During the academic year technicians will be on call Monday to Friday between the hours of 6:30pm and 9:00pm.

Support hours are subject to change.

  ► Phone Numbers for Support

  • IST:    204-474-8600
  • MTS:  204-225-5687
  • Shaw: 204-480-7429
  • SR (Student Residences): 
  • 204-226-8951

 ► Residence Internet/Phone/TV Support

Building Support
IST Wireless (IST UofM) /Student Residences
Wired Internet - student is required to provide their own network cable Student Residences
Internet, TV, and phone Shaw
IST Wireless (IST UofM) /Student Residences
Wired DSL Internet Student Residences
Internet, TV, and phone MTS & Shaw
IST Wireless (IST UofM) /Student Residences
Wired Internet - student is required to provide their own network cable Student Residences
Internet, TV, and phone MTS & Shaw
IST Wireless (IST UofM) /Student Residences
Wired DSL Internet Student Residences
Internet, TV, and phone (getting MTS Internet will disable residence wired Internet)

MTS & Shaw
(currently no MTS TV)