Financial Aid & Awards

422 University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3T 2N2

Phone: 204-474-9531
Fax: 204-474-7543

All general inquiries should be sent to
Please do not send duplicate e-mails to employee accounts.


Jane Lastra



Front Staff
Molly Parvin 204-474-8197 Lead Financial Aid & Awards Officer
(U.S. Loans Coordinator)
Carla Kirkpatrick 204-474-8197 Awards Officer
Tammy Boutet 204-474-8197 Awards Officer
Doug Hamilton 204-474-8197 Awards Officer
Food Bank Coordinator 204-474-9850 Food Bank Coordinator
Awards Establishment
Regan Sarmatiuk 204-474-7257 Awards Establishment Coordinator
Pamela Gareau 204-474-9261 Awards Establishment Coordinator
Mabelle Magsino 204-474-7095 Awards Establishment Coordinator
Miriam Orlando 204-474-7221 Award Fund Coordinator
Awards Selection
Lesli Lucas-Aseltine 204-474-9533 Awards Selection Coordinator
Mandy Laing 204-474-9388 Awards Selection Coordinator
Maria Roy 204-474-9860 Awards Selection Assistant
Systems Area
Cheryl Richardson 204-480-1244 Systems Functional Analyst