President's Scholars


The University of Manitoba recognizes those students who enter the University of Manitoba with a minimum 95% high school average (based on the courses used for entrance scholarship purposes) as President’s Scholars.

President’s Scholars will be eligible for a number of benefits, such as: scholarship funding of $1000 in each second, third, and fourth years of study (providing they meet renewal criteria), priority registration, notation on the university transcript, access to the President’s Scholars Study Lounge, passes to Bison sports events, and other events sponsored by the Office of the President, and University of Manitoba faculties.

High School / First Year Students Eligibility Information

To be designated a President’s Scholar, first year students:

Must have applied for admission to the University of Manitoba by March 1st and be admitted to any direct entry program at the University of Manitoba with a minimum final grade 12 average of 95% based on the five courses used for entrance scholarship purposes. For admission information and deadlines, please visit the Admissions website;

Must be enrolled as full-time students with a minimum 24 credit hours in any faculty or school at the University of Manitoba during the fall/winter academic session;

Offers will be made in August each year.

Note: For Grade 12 students, there are other renewable entrance awards, which also recognize exceptional high school averages, such as the Isabel Auld Entrance Scholarship or the Chancellor’s Scholarship. Recipients of these awards will receive the President’s Scholars designation and benefits.

President's Scholars Renewal Information

To renew a President’s Scholarship in the 2, 3, and 4 years of study, students:


  • Must complete their 1, 2, and 3 years of study with a minimum sessional grade point average of 4.0 based on coursework completed during both the regular and summer academic sessions. Students may take courses in the summer session to increase their grade point average to 4.0 if required. (Courses completed during the summer session will only be used in the calculation of grade point average, not the full time 80% course load requirement). Must advise the Financial Aid & Awards Office of their intent to upgrade in spring/summer session
  • Must continue into the next consecutive year of study as a full-time student with a minimum 24 credit hours;
  • Renewals will be made annually in late June or early July.

Co-op Students

Students participating in co-op programs are responsible for contacting the Financial Aid and Awards office in writing, via mail or e-mail to ensure accurate records are maintained for renewal and communication purposes. Co-op terms are considered as work terms and the course load completed in the workplace will not be counted towards the calculation of the minimum 24 credit hour course load requirement.

President’s Scholarship funding can be deferred for students upon written receipt of notification; funds will be released upon completion of two academic terms that meet the minimum 24 credit hour requirement.

Benefits such as priority registration and access to the President’s Scholars Study Lounge will continue throughout students’ co-op terms.