Important Dates & Deadlines

The following is an ongoing, “at-a-glance” list of University of Manitoba Financial Aid & Awards Office dates and deadlines. This list will is intended to be used as a quick reference guide and planning tool for students in order to stay on top of important deadlines throughout the year. Refer to this page often in order to plan for upcoming academic terms. 

Deadlines may change from year to year and students are responsible for submitting applications in on time, according to actual deadline dates. All dates are subject to change & not all deadlines that the Financial Aid & Awards office will be represented on this page.


Winter Tuition Deadline  -  If you are a government student loan recipient and have not received your Winter Term loan document(s) prior to the Winter Term tuition fee deadline, see the Financial Aid & Awards office - BEFORE tuition is due. Apply for a tuition fee deferral (extension) to avoid late fees and possible course cancellation.


Grade 12 Students – Entrance Scholarship Deadline. The UM offers entrance scholarships to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada who apply for admission by March 1st.

Prospective/Current Aboriginal Students - Business Council of Manitoba Aboriginal Education Awards application deadline


Student Loan Recipients – Suggested application deadline for Summer Session student loans


All UM Students – Summer bursary application is available

UM Employees - UM Employee Scholarship application deadline (typically by the end of the month)


Summer Session Bursary application deadline (June 1)

Apply now for your Government Student Loan! You do not have to be enrolled/registered in classes to apply. The suggested application deadline for Fall/Winter is June 30th.

Grade 12/1st Year Students taking Government Student Loans - Fairfax Financial Ltd. Entrance Awards applications available (a $5000 award/bursary for 1st year students with an 80% high school average and a government student loan).


U.S. Loan Students – Suggested deadline for submission of American student loan applications

Grade 12/1st Year Students taking Government Student Loans - Fairfax Financial Ltd. Entrance Awards application deadline (a $5000 award/bursary for 1st year students with an 80% high school average and a government student loan)


Gov’t Student Loan Recipients – Suggested deadline to submit any documents requested by your provincial loan office as part of your student loan application (declaration forms, signatures required, etc.); Manitoba students: this is outlined on the 2nd page of your Notice of Assistance letter

All UM Students – UM General Bursary applications available; Awards/Scholarships requiring separate applications available

Gov’t Student Loan Recipients – applications for fee deferrals should be submitted to Financial Aid & Awards BEFORE THE TUITION DEADLINE if you applied for your loan late or know that it will be delayed past the UM fee deadline


All UM Students - Fall term tuition fee deadline! Refer UM Calendar for exact deadline date.

Government student loan recipients - Apply for a tuition fee deferral by the tuition fee deadline to avoid late fees!

Grade 12/1st Year Students – Final deadline to submit AP and IB results for scholarship consideration (DUE September 1st)


All UM Students – UM General Bursary applications due OCTOBER 1st; Awards/Scholarships requiring separate applications due October 1 st.

Gov’t Student Loan Recipients – Work-Study program applications available (see link to left of page)


Past Gov’t Student Loan Recipients – To remain interest/payment free on old student loans, Schedule 2/Provincial Confirmation of Enrolment forms should be completed and submitted (for full-time students only; see Financial Aid & Awards Office)

Student Loan Recipients – Submit Confirmation of Income forms to your provincial loan office (as required)


Grade 12 Students – Leader of Tomorrow applications due

All UM Students – Bursary recipients notified (successful applicants only)