Student Application Requirements


Who can apply: 

  • Any international student who is 17 years of age or older and is registered to attend a University of Manitoba undergraduate or graduate program, the English Language Centre (ELC) or the International College of Manitoba (ICM).
  • Visiting Scholars, Professors, Researchers, Trainees, etc.

The University of Manitoba and the Homestay Program do not provide custodianship for underage students.

To apply, provide the following:

Homestay applications are considered complete when the Homestay application, application fee, and Homestay fees and documents are submitted by the term deadline.

Completed applications will be processed in the order that they were initially received until available Homestay spaces are filled. Incomplete applications (ex: no student visa, arrival time or payment) at the time of the program deadline will be placed on a waiting list.


Each term the Homestay program establishes a Move-in date before the term begins.  We request that students do not book a flight before the Move-in date or a flight that arrives after midnight (12:00 am Winnipeg time). If a student books a flight that arrives past midnight they will need to stay at the airport hotel overnight and be picked up by the Homestay host the next day. If a student arrives before the Move-in date they will need to find their own pick-up and accommodations until the Move-in date.

Homestay provides accommodations to students only. If a student arrives with relatives or spouse, the student will be required to stay with them in a hotel until they return home. At that time the student may move into homestay.