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Funding Opportunities
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Login to JUMP, click on the "Faculty” tab, scroll down to the "My Research Tools" box and click on the "My Research Tools" link. 

To get a JUMP account, go to Iridium.
Access to the appropriate functionality and data is role based and individualized. Everyone who has an academic rank automatically has access to My Research Tools.


In My Research Tools, go to Profile, Keywords, Collaboration & Funding Opportunities. All information entered here and marked as accessible to the public will appear on the Research Experts Search. The exception is Postings, which are only available to other UM faculty through My Research Tools.

There are several types of information that may be entered.
My Profile: home page URL, office phone number, and whether you are currently recruiting graduate students
My Keywords: research expertise keywords, research description, teaching description, and public/media description
My Biography: languages and CV
My Activities: international activities
My Postings: internal collaboration postings

For detailed instructions on how to enter this information, click here (pdf). For more information about the Research Experts Search, click here.
Email and phone number updates can be made by emailing Campus Directory ( Changes to your address or position can be made by contacting Human Resources (
International Activities can be any activity that you participated in abroad, such as research collaborations, development projects and service abroad, conferences and visiting lectureships, field trips, or travel study courses. This data is collected for the International Centre (contact Cameron Zywina for more information). Additionally, any activities marked as accessible to the public will appear on the UM Research Experts Search.


Funding Opportunities
The Upcoming Major Funding Opportunities search was created by ORS to highlight specific opportunities and their agency and institutional deadlines. You can enter any search criteria desired or simply click “Search” to get all current opportunities. This replaces the Current Funding Opportunities PDF full newsletter that was circulated by ORS.

You can also use the SPIN Full Search (an external website).   More information on using the SPIN Full Search can be found in the PDFs at the top right of this page.
Automated funding opportunity alerts are now managed by an external funding opportunity database called SPIN. All UM researchers have the ability to create an account on the SPIN website. When you are signed into SPIN, you can create customized searches for funding opportunities. You then have the option to receive daily or weekly email alerts containing new results for any of your searches. Please see the PDFs at the top right of this page for detailed instructions.
Previously, funding opportunity alerts were linked to your MRT profile. All alerts were migrated to SPIN as of February 1, 2016. This means that if you previously had alerts set up within your profile, a SPIN account was automatically created for you with the same alerts activated. You can now go to the SPIN website to edit your existing alerts or create additional ones. Please see the two PDFs at the top right of this page for instructions on how to claim your SPIN account and manage your alerts.


A UM project number (formerly called a FAAF number) is assigned to a proposal once it is submitted to the Office of Research Services. It is a five digit number and can be found under the "No." column in My Projects. 

Other information available includes:
  1. UM Project Number (click on the number to load details)
  2. Proposal details from the ORS database
  3. Award details from the sponsor (since 2011)
  4. Human and Animal Ethics approval information
  5. Summary of each fund's activity by fiscal year from Budgets & Grants

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      First make sure that you are looking under the right tab for your project. The tabs are defined as:

      Current Awards - Awarded projects that are currently between the sponsor's official start and end date of the project.

      Recently Submitted - Proposals submitted to the Office of Research Services in the past 12 months.

      All Awarded - All projects that have received funding (since 1995).

      All Statuses - All proposals that have been submitted to the Office of Research Services (since 1995).

      Search Results - Proposals found using the Quick Search box.

      Proposals will appear on My Projects as soon as they have been entered into the system by ORS. Forms requiring signatures will not be entered until all signatures have been received.

      Award dates are defined by the sponsor. If changes to your award are not reflected in My Projects, please send ORS a copy of the revised award notice.

      Open - Proposal has been sent to the sponsor and is awaiting notification. Project has the necessary UM paperwork, however ORS has not received an award notice. Projects that are more than 2 years old will be closed.

      Pending - Proposal has been sent to the sponsor and is awaiting notification. Project has outstanding UM paperwork (i.e. Human/Animal ethics approval). ORS requires copies of necessary approvals and award notice prior to fund setup. Projects that are more than 2 years old will be closed.

      Other status definitions can be found by clicking on the question mark symbol next to the "Status" column in My Projects.
      In My Projects, you can download a copy of the current report view by clicking "Export to Excel" on the right-hand side.

      Excel will produce a warning prompting that the file is in a different format than specified by the file extension. Ignore this as it is expected behavior and click "Yes" to continue opening the file.

      By default Excel will save the file as a Web Page (*.htm) rather than an Excel Workbook (*.xlsx or *.xls). In order to properly save the data, click Save As and select Workbook as the file type.

      If Excel doesn't appear to show any gridlines, go to the View tab and make sure that the Gridlines box is checked (sometimes Excel may uncheck this by default). If the gridlines still do not appear, select all of the worksheet cells and make sure that the background color is set to "No Fill".