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The Faculty of Social Work is committed to the accessibility of social work education and has developed the Bachelor of Social Work degree by Distance for people living and working outside of Winnipeg. The Distance Delivery Bachelor of Social Work degree is a collaborative effort between the Faculty of Social Work and Extended Education. The Distance Delivery BSW program is intended to target individuals who are employed in the social services and living outside of Winnipeg, but who may not have had the opportunity to pursue social work education.

The Distance Delivery BSW program is designed for part-time study, enabling students to complete an undergraduate degree while working in their communities. Completion of the BSW on a full time basis generally takes four years; however, you will have up to nine years to complete the program. The total length of time it will take each individual to complete the program will depend on the circumstances surrounding each situation (i.e. total transfer credit, full or part time jobs, families, etc.).

Delivery of the program is based on two approaches:

  1. to individuals by means of an online study program; and
  2. to community-based groups in the cohort programs

Delivery methods of the online component of the program include a combination of audio-conferenced sessions and online courses. All course examinations are scheduled and arranged within a two-hour drive. Examinations are scheduled by the Registrar’s Office and arranged by CATL (The Centre) according to the information provided by the student using the Exam Location Declaration tool. The tool will be available within your UMLearn course from the start of the term until the application deadline.

Delivery of the program to the community-based cohorts utilizes a combination of face-to-face delivery, web conferences, and online study. Cohort programs are negotiated with partner communities and/or agencies and generally consist of 40 to 45 students. Formats include four- or five-year plans with students attending classes over 3 terms per year, either five days out of each month or two days every second week. The objective of the program is to meet the needs of the communities while maintaining academic integrity.

For further program details, please refer to the DD BSW Program Information Package


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