Special Consideration Category

The Special Consideration Category will consider applicants from the Indigenous populations of Canada only. Applicants in this category must meet the minimum entrance requirements. Although competitive, less weight will be given to background academic performance. Applicants in this category do not have to meet the competitive AGPA of admitted students in the admission year. The Special Consideration Category is only available for the Fall (September) Term Intake.

Applicants in this category must:

  • Apply by April 1
  • Complete a supplementary application form, providing additional
    information by May 1
  • Meet the minimum entrance requirements of the College of Nursing
  • Provide proof of Indigenous ancestry

Applicants must complete a supplementary form, which can be downloaded at the time of application. The completed form can be uploaded with the application by April 1st, or sent to the College of Nursing by May 1st.
The completed form and proof of Indigenous ancestry are due no later than May 1.


Selection is determined by the Advance Standing and Admissions Committee.

In the Special Consideration Category, applications will be selected based on the following: 

  1. Supplementary Score
    The supplementary application forms of applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will be evaluated by the Special Consideration Subcommittee.   The applicant will receive a score out of a maximum of 40.
  3. AGPA
    The AGPA will be calculated on the most recent 60 credit hours of university level course work, including repeated courses. If an applicant has less than 60 credit hours, the AGPA will reflect all credit hours completed.
  5. Admissions Score:

    • The Admission Score will be calculated from the AGPA and Supplementary scores.  The AGPA will contribute 60 % and the Supplementary scores will contribute 40%

    The Admissions Score will be calculated as follows:

    • (AGPA x 60) + Supplementary Score 4.5

    The Admission Scores will be ranked.  The applicants with the highest Admissions Scores will be considered for admission. 

    The Admissions Committee reserves the right to deny admission to the College of Nursing based on any of the supplementary information.

    Up to 20 admission spaces may be offered to Special Consideration Category applicants. The allocation of available spaces is entirely at the discretion of the College of Nursing.

    The Admissions Committee shall not be bound to admit the maximum number of applicants in the Special Consideration Category in any given year.

    The Admissions Committee reserves the right to consider the applicant who has applied for Special Consideration under the regular admission category, if it benefits the applicant.

    Appeals of decisions are limited to the question of procedural regularity only. The merits of the decision are not subject to review.