Courses Offered in the Certificate in Logistics Program
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The University of Manitoba offers these courses in the Certificate in Logistics Program:

Logistics Fundamentals

COURSE TRNS 0410 (formerly 924.051)
(CITT - Integrated Logistics - Level 3 - Mandatory)

Introduction to the concepts and theory of business logistics, with particular emphasis on logistics management, the delineation of issues pertaining to the planning, organizing and controlling of transportation and logistics activities, and the development of analytical tools and problem-solving techniques used in the field of logistics.

Economic Applications in Transportation

CCOURSE TRNS 0310 (formerly 924.052)
(CITT - Economic Influence on Logistics - Level 3)

Introduction to the concepts and applications of economic theory as applied to transportation with emphasis on the costs determining transportation supply under competitive and regulated freight rates: an examination of the front haul/back haul problem and the role of trade in determining the derived demand for transportation; and to demonstrate the inter-relation between transportation and economic development.

Legal Issues in Transportation

CCOURSE TRNS 0320 (formerly 924.053)
(CITT - Transportation Law - Level 3)

A review of Federal and Provincial statutes governing the establishment and operational requirements of transport services; to develop and understand the historical, constitutional and regulatory issues in the development of Canada's transportation systems; a review of the rights and liabilities of carriers and transport authorities; to develop an understanding of the procedures including dispute and appeal mechanisms, available to shippers and carriers before various transport agencies and boards.

Transportation Policy and Regulation

CCOURSE TRNS 0210 (formerly 924.054)
(CITT - One miscellaneous business credit - Level 2)

Introduction to the social, cultural, political and economic forces that influence transportation policy and regulation; the historical examination of transportation policy; the effects of subsidies, taxation, and regulation on the structure, behaviour and performance of transportation and logistics industries, and to develop an appreciation for current transportation policy trends in Canada.

Risk Assessment and Safety

CCOURSE TRNS 0220 (formerly 924.055)
(CITT - Foundations of Risk Management - One Business Credit - Level 2)

To develop a basic understanding of the concepts and terms of risk management; to learn to identify and measure risk in your own facility and to learn how to use risk assessment techniques. The course will provide basic knowledge to be used as a tool for safety, training, and planning measures within your own facility.

Marketing Services

CCOURSE TRNS 0230 (formerly 924.056)
(CITT - Marketing: An Introduction - One Business Credit - Level 2)

To develop a basic understanding of the concepts, terms, theories and analysis of issues related to marketing of services. To provide an understanding of the role of marketing in a modern corporation and the responsibilities of the managerial personnel within their firm's operations. The notions of marketing concepts, segmentation, mix and strategic marketing will be explained within the context of changing economic realities in the organizational environment.