CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) Designation
CITT logoThe Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT) is Canada’s leading professional development association in the supply chain and logistics sector. Its programs and services promote excellence, career path development and cooperative networking opportunities through a comprehensive certification process that leads to the CCLP designation.

The CCLP designation is Canada's most widely held professional designation in supply chain and logistics. It is an essential career tool that will help differentiate your level of professionalism from that of your peers.

The CCLP Program of Study features a job-specific curriculum taught by experienced industry professionals. It challenges participants to develop research and analytical skills that will help them make sound business decisions based on their integrated logistics training. Courses are not only theoretical, but also provide practical skills training that is crucial to acquiring the skill sets necessary to meet the challenges of today's marketplace. Courses are offered in the classroom, via correspondence, or online.

Achieve the Certificate in Logistics offered by the University of Manitoba while working on your CITT logistics certification

By choosing your courses carefully, you can achieve both your Certificate in Logistics and your CCLP designation at the same time.


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