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The Manitoba Population Research Data Repository housed at MCHP is a comprehensive collection of administrative, registry, survey, and other data primarily relating to residents of Manitoba. It was developed to describe and explain patterns of health care and profiles of health and illness, facilitating inter-sectoral research in areas such as health care, education, and social services. Administrative health data, for example, hold records for virtually all contacts with the provincial health care system, the Manitoba Health Services Insurance Plan (including physicians, hospitals, personal care homes, home care, and pharmaceutical prescriptions) of all registered individuals. MCHP acts as a steward of the information in the Repository for agencies such as Manitoba Health.  

For detailed descriptions of the specific data files housed in the MCHP repository see the Data Descriptions Page.

Additional information concerning the repository is available at the following links:

  • Applying for Access - how to obtain access to databases housed in the Data Repository.
    • Reporting Requirements - requirements for reporting changes to the study protocol and providing annual status reports.
    • Policies on Use and Disclosure - confidentiality obligations applicable to all projects with regard to data processing and release of information.
  • Accreditation - an overview of MHCP and the data access and use process to everyone with access to a MCHP computer system and all principal investigators on projects being carried out at MCHP (a requirement since April, 2010)
  • Data Descriptions - detailed descriptions of the more than 80 data files housed at MCHP.
  • Data List- a list of the available data held in the MCHP data repository. 
  • Data Quality- information concerning the formalized Data Quality Evaluation process at MCHP and the SAS macros used to automate this process. 
  • Documentation- a list of relevant links to available data documentation.
  • Concept Dictionary - methodologies and analytical techniques for working with the Data Repository
  • Manitoba Population Research Data Repository Concept - describes the general contents, structure, and history of the repository.
  • Research Resources Update - an archive of the quarterly update MCHP distributes to announce new data and data documentation developments.







The following standard statement should be used on all publications using data from the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository:

The authors acknowledge the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy for use of data contained in the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository under project # (HIPC#).  The results and conclusions are those of the authors and no official endorsement by the Manitoba  Centre for Health Policy, Manitoba Health, or other data providers is intended or should be inferred.


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