Academic Information & Regulations


The provisions of the chapter, General Academic Regulations and Requirements, and the chapter, University Policies, apply to all students. In addition, the School of Dental Hygiene has regulations and requirements that apply specifically to its students.

Immunization Policy

UM Dentistry Student Handbook, section 4.2.2.
(Note: The Student Handbook for the 2010-2011 academic year is currently under revision. As a courtesy, this Handbook from a previous year is left available for your reference)

All students enrolled in the Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry/School of Dental Hygiene must be immunized against the following diseases: diphtheria/tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox and hepatitis B. Students who cannot be immunized because of allergies or for other reasons must provide a physician's certificate to this effect.

All students are responsible for updating their immunization as needed.

Arrangements for all necessary immunizations for all first year students are made by the Dean's Office. Students will receive further details during the first week of classes. 2nd, 3rd and 4th year dental students, 2nd year dental hygiene students, as well as staff who wish to be immunized, are asked to contact the Dean's Office.

Further information in regard to immunization can be obtained from the University of Manitoba’s Infection Control Manual.

Instruments, Textbooks and Uniforms

Students must purchase a dental hygiene student kit consisting of two sets of clinical instruments and uniforms. The total cost of the kit is approximately $3,300. Students are also required to purchase one lab coat. Some laboratory equipment is loaned by the school. Expenditures for textbooks may amount to approximately $3,000 over the two-year program.

Examinations and Promotions

Regular attendance in all courses as well as a satisfactory record completed during the term will be required to qualify a student to sit for the annual or other grading examination.

A student who is declared ineligible by the Dental Faculty Council to take the final examination in any subject due to unsatisfactory work will automatically be given a grade of "F" in that examination.

To obtain standing in any year, a student must attain a minimum overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 in all courses of that year. If a student is registered for less than 100% of the courses listed for the year, a minimum sessional GPA of a 2.0 must be obtained.

A student who has obtained a grade of "F" in more than two subjects or who fails to obtain an overall GPA of 1.6 will be regarded as having failed the year and will be required to repeat the work of that year in a succeeding annual session. The student must re-apply for admission to the school if the failed year is the first year.

No student will be allowed to register for the full work of any one year who has a condition remaining from a previous year.

Students are prohibited from interviewing individual members of the school with reference to examination standing at any time prior to the posting of official grade lists.

For details on:

  • final examinations
  • appeals process
  • description of the grading system
see the General Academic Regulations and Requirements section of the U of M Calendar.

More info can also be found in the UM Dentistry Student Handbook, section 2.2.
(Note: The Student Handbook for the 2010-2011 academic year is currently under revision. As a courtesy, this Handbook from a previous year is left available for your reference)

Supplemental Examinations 

A student who has failed in not more than two subjects at the regular final examinations of any year, or who fails to obtain an overall GPA of 2.0 in courses of the year, may upon application and at the discretion of the Dental Faculty Council be awarded the privilege of one or two supplemental examination(s).

The Faculty Council will specify in which subjects the student may write supplemental examinations. For the purpose of calculating such a student's GPA for the year, grade points attained in supplemental examinations will replace the grade points previously attained in the same subject.

The passing grade in supplemental examinations is "C" in each subject.

A student must maintain a minimum GPA of 1.6 each year in order to be eligible for supplemental privileges.

A student who, having exercised supplemental privileges, has not more than one condition remaining, may in the ensuing annual session, be allowed to take only that one course in the Dental Hygiene program. If the condition is removed in that session, the student will be regarded as having completed the year to which the condition applied.

Supplemental examinations are held prior to the opening of the session in the autumn, and application must be made to Student Records no later than those deadline dates listed in the U of M Calendar. 

Challenge for credit

There are a number of courses which may be challenged for credit. Information on the specific courses involved may be obtained from the director of the School of Dental Hygiene.

phone: 204-789-3683 

Honours and Awards Policy

Honours will be awarded to a maximum of the top 20 per cent of the class, provided that a GPA of 3.5 or greater has been achieved. Only students registered for 80 per cent or more of the normal course load during a regular session are eligible for Honours Standing.

A student who fails in one or more subjects, or who fails the year at the regular final examination, is not eligible to obtain Honours Standing or to receive any awards for the work of that year.

A student repeating a year's work is eligible to obtain Honours Standing or to receive any awards for the work of that year.

The following policy applies to the eligibility of part-time students for academic awards:

A student who is carrying less than 80 per cent of the normal course load for the year is only eligible for an award in the individual subjects taken by him/her.

A student who is repeating a course may not be eligible for an award in that subject.

Regulations concerning Admissions, Academic Progress, Examinations and Withdrawal are on file in the general office of the School of Dental Hygiene.