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Andrea Rounce awarded Merit Award 

Andrea Rounce, Associate Professor in Political Studies has been awarded a 2016 Merit Award in the Service Category.  Congratulations on your achievement Andrea!

Kiera Ladner wrapping up Fulbright

Kiera Ladner, Associate Professor in Political Studies, has spent the last several months as a Fulbright Scholar Research Chair, in the Department of American Indian Studies at the University of Arizona .  While there she worked on her project of developing a digital archive of constitutional law and Indigenous Politics in Canada, The US, Australia and New Zealand.


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Shut up and Write with Political Studies!

Shut up and Write is a movement that started in San Francisco, providing a structured time for writers to come together and write in silence for short periods of time.  For academics, planning to write in a group means that you can make progress on research papers, transcription, data analysis, grant applications, capstone papers, and thesis.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a focused hour or two! 

The rules of Shut up and Write are…

1. We meet on Tuesdays, between 3pm and 5pm.  Everyone is welcome, and can join us at any time! 
2. We’ll meet in the same location every week in 379 University College
3. Writing sessions can be as long as you need, and should also include breaks.
4. Writing sessions are silent.  (Hence the “shut up…” part of the title!)
5. Work on anything, as long as it’s work!
6. Feel free to bring water/coffee/tea with you.

If you have questions about the sessions, feel free to contact Dr. Andrea Charron (, Dr. Sarah Hannan (, or Dr. Andrea Rounce (