Project team:  Lancelot Coar | Patrick Harrop | Jason Hare | Zoé Lebel  Material: Crystal clear resin | Urethane | Mixed media Date: Winter 2014

Corporate sponsors:  Hi-Tech Seals Inc. (Winnipeg) | MEP Brothers


Polycinema is a physical element responding to the writing and forms enacted by Moholy-Nagy in the early 20th century. This structure was part of a larger exhibition called “Sensing the Future: Moholy-Nagy, Media and the Arts” curated by Oliver Botar. In collaboration with Hi-Tech Seals the FABLab was able to explore the fabrication of cured resin forms, through materializing positive digital molds. These forms ultimately gave support to hold tensile fabric off the gallery walls.   



Kerfed Workstation

Project team:  Jason Hare  Material: Birch plywood | Tie straps Date: summer 2013


A challenge was constructed to compose a table that may forage a conversation around ways in which to embody elements of digital craft in a physical form. Working with the notion of weightlessness, a spanning table culminates over the careful craft of kerfed surfaces, intricate joint details and invisible arcs. Spanning a length of 10' and weighing 100 pounds, this table acts as a catalysts for new students to physically engage with the FABlab and question the potential that lies in methods of digital fabrication.

workstation thumbnail


Shifting Precision 

Project team:  Jason Hare | Andre Silva  Material: Old growth fir | Steel plumbers pipe Date: spring 2013


The intent of this collaboration was to push our own knowledge of what relationships may form through the precision of mathimatically controlled tools and the inherent shift of form that comes with natural materials, such as old growth fir. The balance between these two entities (movement & structure) drove the formal contruct and allowed for an interlocking assembly to utilize the existing structure as a means of support and engage it within the overall conversation.




Project team:  FAUM ED2 studio  Material: Plywood | String Date: winter 2013


weave wave



Project team:  Renee Struthers  Material: Cast Concrete Date: Summer 2012


Concept, process, material and form go hand in hand when considering a design and what its outcome will be. What happens when these integral components start to form a hierarchy in the overall course of the design development? In the design and construction of this table, concept is born through material and process and is therefore not the dominant force behind the design. Rather the attenuation of concrete is given form through the augmentation of the digital surface and tactile material expression emerges through the conscious act to allow the CNC tool path to express its own language.

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   Matthew Rajfur + George Vincent