U of M's Offer, September 2016
The University of Manitoba is confident the 2016 round of bargaining will lead to improvements which support the work of our faculty members, provide stability for our students, advance the University’s Strategic Plan and provide the best learning and work environment in the province.

  • U of M's Comprehensive Settlement Proposal as presented to UMFA 
  • Collective Agreement text as presented to UMFA - for best readability, use bookmark feature for individual articles

With the offer, the University of Manitoba will: 

  • Increase Compensation: The U of M’s four year agreement will provide a total of 7% general increase (1%, 2%, 2% and 2% respectively). This general increase would be in addition to existing annual increments and proposed salary increases to address areas of need, which would result in the average UMFA member’s salary being increased by 17.5% over four years (those who have not reached their increment ceilings would benefit more than those who have). In addition, travel and expense funds will be significantly increased.
  • Improve Salaries in relation to the U15 Group of Universities: The offer will position U of M faculty members 12th among the U15 for full and associate professor ranks, and 13th for assistant.
  • Commit to Fair Evaluation of Work: The University proposal commits to providing provisions that prevent assessments of a faculty member’s performance based on formulas and quantitative metrics. Quality of work remains the key consideration.
  • Enhance Collegial Processes: The University will improve collegial processes regarding the assignment of teaching, performance reviews, promotion and tenure. For example, on promotion and tenure, whereas the collective agreement in the past called for the dean to establish criteria after consultation with faculty members, the University’s proposal calls for enshrining within the collective agreement that faculty members will drive the creation of these criteria. In addition, a new review process to grant continuing appointments to instructors would be introduced, ensuring transparency and collegial input.
  • Maintain Job Security: The U of M is committed to renewing provisions providing job security to all UMFA members, including librarians and instructors.
  • Improve Benefits: The University of Manitoba will enhance a variety of benefits, including maternity/parental leave, orthodontic coverage, drug coverage, and health care spending account.

The University of Manitoba is committed to its obligation to administer the collective agreement in a fair and reasonable manner. Administrative matters outside of the collective agreement will be managed fairly and equitably.