UNIFOR - Icemaker - Caretaker

Revision Date: October 2001
Classification: Icemaker - Caretaker
Unit: C.A.W.
Hay Point Range: N/A


The Physical Plant Department is responsible for the entire physical plant of the University including the construction, renovations, provision of utility services, and the care and maintenance of all properties.

Under general supervision, the Icemaker-Caretaker is responsible for all icemaking and arena maintenance procedures, as well as caretaking of all facilities in the Max Bell Centre arena and fieldhouse.


  • Maintains ice surface by regular flooding, shaving; restores painted lines, circles and markings using an Olympia riding ice conditioner, hand held motorized ice edger and various hand tools.
  • Replaces arena boards, kick strips and trim as required.
  • Replaces broken arena glass panels and hardware.
  • Cleans arena boards and glass.
  • Monitors condition and quality of ice, brine temperatures and reports malfunctions to a supervisor or Power Engineer.
  • Cleans and maintains all facilities including bleachers, locker rooms, dressing rooms, washrooms, shower areas, offices, corridors, stairways, laboratories and fieldhouse track according to acceptable caretaking standards.
  • Prepares arena concrete for icemaking; paints lines, circles and ice; installs ice according to prevailing industry standards.
  • Operates a skid steer loader to remove arena ice on an annual basis.
  • Operates a standby tractor drawn ice conditioner whenever the Olympia ice conditioner is not operable.
  • Operates a Tennant and Taski riding autoscrubber to maintain large areas in the facility.
  • Operates various equipment associated with caretaking including vacuum cleaners, blowers, carpet cleaning equipment, pressure washers, polishers and walk-behind autoscrubbers.
  • Responsible for replacing shaving blades and performing minor repairs and maintenance on the Olympia ice conditioner and riding autoscrubbers.
  • Provides minor groundskeeping duties in the vicinity of the Max Bell Centre as required and assigned.
  • Provides Utility Caretaking duties in the Investors Group Athletic Centre on a relief basis as assigned.
  • May be required to maintain a daily record or log of icemaking and related procedures.
  • Operates a two-way radio in order to maintain communication with Campus Security, Powerhouse personnel and supervisor.
  • Records hours of work on daily time sheets.
  • Performs other duties characteristic of the classification.


  • The minimum qualifications necessary for acceptable (satisfactory) job performance are:

Level of Formal Education

  • Education to an acceptable level; high school completion preferred.
  • Must be a certified Arena Operator as recognized by the Province of Manitoba Department of Labour through the successful completion of the
  • Arena Level II training course and the Department of Labour refrigeration exam.
  • Must hold a valid Class 5 Manitoba Driver's License.


  • Must have a minimum of 900 hours directly related work experience in a facility similar to the Max Bell arena.
  • Must have experience operating related motorized equipment.
  • Must have a demonstrated knowledge of ice installation, ice maintenance and caretaking procedures.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to relate well to facility users.
  • Ability to operate all related icemaking and caretaking equipment.
  • Must be willing to work various rotating shifts and weekends.

Physical Requirements

  • Must be capable of performing the duties as assigned.

This class specification is intended to illustrate the characteristics of this classification level and should not be interpreted as a description of any one individual position within this classification level.