CAW - Carpenter - Certified

Revision Date: October 2001
Classification: Carpenter - Certified
Unit: C.A.W.
Hay Point Range: N/A


The Physical Plant Department is responsible for the entire physical plant of the University including construction, renovations, provision of utility services, and the care and maintenance of all properties.

Under general supervision, the Carpenter is responsible for building and office renovations, repairs and maintenance of buildings and equipment and carpentry work estimates.


  • Performs all work expected of a fully qualified Carpenter.
  • Performs carpentry work for new construction work such as building and office renovations, which, for example, may require the installation of the following items:
    • Steel tracks and studs.
    • Wood stud partitions and framing.
    • Insulation.
    • Drywall board.
    • Wood and metal doors and window frames.
    • Wood or metal doors.
    • Door and window hardware.
    • Wood trims.
    • Metal ceiling T-bar systems and tile.
    • Floor tile and rubber base.
    • Cabinets, counter tops, shelving units, adjustable wall shelving and hardware.
    • Folding doors, bifolds, folding security grilles.
    • Chalkboards, whiteboards, tackboards, projection screens, display cases.
    • Wood or steel concrete form work
    • Concrete reinforcing steel.
    • Concrete work for equipment pads, etc.
    • Prefabricated metal wall and roofing panels
    • Carpet floor tile and rubber base
    • Window air conditioners with insulated window panes
    • Interior and exterior wood or metal stair and railings
    • Loading dock bumpers
    • Vinyl and fiberglass wall and ceiling panels
  • Performs maintenance carpentry work on items such as the following:
    • Steel doors, frames and hardware.
    • Wood doors, frames and hardware.
    • Overhead doors and hardware.
    • Wood or metal windows and hardware.
    • Window screens and weatherstripping.
    • Cabinets, counters, shelving units, chairs, furniture, desks and filing cabinets.
    • Metal T-bar ceilings and tile.
    • Tile floors and rubber base.
    • Concrete floors and stairs
    • Metal and rubber stair treads, risers and nosings.
  • Estimates time and material requirements for new work, repairs and renovations.
  • Shows leadership and proper work methods in construction and maintenance to junior carpentry staff.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


The minimum qualifications necessary for acceptable (satisfactory) job performance are:

Level of Formal Education

  • Education to an acceptable level.
  • Must possess a valid certificate of qualification as a Journeyman (MF) Carpenter or other appropriate certificate issued by the Manitoba
  • Department of Labour or equivalent acceptable experience.


  • Extensive knowledge of carpentry, and maintenance carpentry, with at least five years of related experience after completion as an apprentice.
  • Experience in cabinet making is an asset.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to use all wood working machines and hand power tools.
  • Ability to fabricate and estimate materials required from plans and specifications.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English.
  • Ability to work without supervision.
  • Knowledge and ability to work safely and properly with all department's power tools and equipment.
  • Ability to work with air lifts, ladders, scaffolds, etc.

Physical Requirements

  • Physically capable of performing the duties as assigned.
  • Must be able to lift heavy and awkward pieces of material when required.
  • Must be able to work in awkward, confined spaces and high locations.

This class specification is intended to illustrate the characteristics of this classification level and should not be interpreted as a description of any one individual position within this classification level.

"In accordance with the University's Health and Safety Policy, and in support of the Workplace Safety and Health Act, Physical Plant is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all staff and students. 

Physical Plant will instruct all employees to complete an Orientation Workshop, normally during the first day on the job, and the Health and Safety Orientation Module, normally during the probation period.  Employees will also be instructed to complete various workshops, such as Asbestos Awareness, etc. during the first year of employment depending upon an individual's classification."

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