Awards of Excellence For Support Staff 2012 Recipients

President's Award Recipient


Kali Storm
Aboriginal Student Centre
Kali has tirelessly highlighted the strengths and needs of Indigenous students, and has supported thousands of students to achieve academic success in the full range of academic programs. Her impact in this area is demonstrated in the yearly rise in Indigenous students success at the university. Her contributions overall also include consistently championing a vision of the university as a truly welcoming and supportive environment, enhancing our community’s understanding of inclusiveness, serving as an exemplary role model, and leading by playing an essential role to help facilitate the Migizii Agamik (Bald Eagle Lodge), the Elders’ Gatherings, and the Annual PowWows. Much of what the University is proud of in the field of Aboriginal Achievement exists because of her commitment, determination and ability to bring people together with her engaging style and infectious energy.

Leadership Award Recipient's


Terry Hnatiuk
Office of Research Services
Terry is at the heart of the Research Information Systems team, and the ORS, streamlining the administrative aspect of conducting research through developing software and managing databases. Terry’s team has been pivotal in the successful transformation from a phone and paper based system to a Web based self-serve resource. One dean enthusiastically refers to the creative “My Research Tools” portal as “an invaluable resource that always has the information you need”. Under Terry’s leadership her team is transforming the research landscape at the university.


Charles Burchill
Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, Department of Community Health Services

People within and external to the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP) identify Charles as one of the organization’s “lynch pins”.  Under his leadership, his team’s responsibilities and productivity have increased significantly, and staff turnover has been non-existent.  Charles has a wonderful sense of vision and is constantly looking at how to engage his staff, contribute, and forge ahead on new and exciting ventures that support MCHP’s drive to provide leading edge research that is important both provincially and nationally.

Service Award Recipient's


Christine Cyr
Enrollment Services
When Christine gives a presentation to potential students, she reaches out to them, and shares a part of herself that leaves them knowing they now have a friend at the university. She also is constantly looking for innovative ways to encourage aboriginal youth to study with us, like the “Post-Secondary Club”. It is clear her work at the U of M is not just a job for Christine, it’s a mission. She brings passion, respect, collaboration, and continuous learning to serve the university and our students.


Trudy Lyttle
Department of Psychology

Trudy serves a critical role in the care of over 5,000 animals involved in teaching and research. She is involved in coordinating the operation of the animal care facilities and supervising its staff. She works tirelessly to meet the needs of researchers and students, all the time ensuring good animal care practices. “Her extraordinary efforts” impacts those she serves every day, and are pivotal in supporting essential research and learning in our community.”


Tom Millar
Dean’s Office, Faculty of Education
Tom’s work directly affects all the Faculty’s staff, faculty, students and alumni. He is the architect of the Faculty’s data infrastructure. His expertise has lead the Faculty through information system changes with minimal disruption, and an outstanding contribution is the creativity and initiative he has provided to enable improvements to the Faculty’s programs & services. He always comes through with “solutions that are better than what we had asked for.”


Bob Milne
Bannatyne Plumbing Shop, Physical Plant
Bob has provided years of outstanding service. He is highly skilled and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Bannatyne campus systems. The enthusiasm he brings to his work is contagious. Many colleagues talk about the mentorship, support or knowledge he has offered over the years. “Always quick with a smile he leaves you better for having talked with him”. “he is a great co-worker and friend”.. “that I am proud to be working with.”  


Amber Skrabek
Dean’s Office, Faculty of Engineering

Amber has worked tirelessly to help Engineering reconnect with alumni and engage industrial partners, all the while maintaining the Faculty’s image as a leader in engineering education. She also played a major role in developing the connections that raised the money to rebuild the EITC. Her skill in organizing highly successful local, national, and international events have had a huge impact. She has a “way of consistently making the Faculty look and feel good.”

Team Award Recipient's



Architectural Services Team for the Active Living Center & Recreational Infrastructure Canada Project

The team working on the new Active Living Center wanted to highlight the outstanding work of Cory and Andrea, supported by Dennis, James, Greg, Sheila, Rob and Darwin. “We consistently ask for the next to impossible and they always delivered”. “The level of creativity in finding design solutions was remarkable, and it reflects their strength and passion for the different projects.” “On multiple occasions they have anticipated our needs and introduced new ideas that blew us away.” Simply put, without their knowledge, emotional intelligence, professional and technical expertise we would have not been able to succeed.” 


Graduate Orthodontic Clinic & Graduate Orthodontic Department Support Staff Team

This dedicated team has spent countless hours sorting out numerous logistics to make the clinic run like a well-oiled machine. The team focuses on supporting patients, clinicians, residents and the many research projects that take place at the clinic. This makes for a very dynamic environment that requires excellent organisational and interpersonal skills and teamwork. The team is valued as partners in the research process and in the clinic workflow.... “without this team my research would not be able to move forward…I am immensely grateful…these dedicated individuals are true ambassadors for the University of Manitoba.”


U of M Libraries, Serials Team, Technical Services

This team works in a technically complex high pressure environment of rapid technical change. They are a dedicated, innovative group who work hard to support the university community. They have developed cost savings initiatives and revised and refined the work flows to ensure efficiencies. They also cross train and document constantly to ensure that their systems are as resilient as possible. They are sought out by vendors and other libraries for advice and have been asked to present the group 's systems and processes at conferences. Often groups like this are overlooked because much of their work takes place behind the scenes, but the impact of their efforts is significant and profound.