Financial Services Forms

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Budget & Research Accounting Supplier Payment Services
Capital Asset Management Travel Services
Human Resources University Credit Cards
Purchasing Services Other Forms
Revenue, General & Student Accounting  System Access


Budget & Research Accounting Forms

Chart of Account Forms
New Account Request
New Fund Request
Request for a Name Change to an Existing Aurora Fund or Organization
New Organization Request
Request for a Predecessor Change to an Existing Aurora Fund or Organization
Request for New Provision Fund
Request for Transfer From Existing Provision Fund
Request for Transfer To Existing Provision Fund

Capital Fund Request (Excel Format)



Signing Authority Forms
Signing Authority Form
Other Forms
Award Certification Form
Guarantee Letter
Duff Roblin Fire Fund Authorization

Capital Asset Management Forms 

Asset Disposal Form
Decommissioning Form
Final Disposal of Laboratory Equipment Form (Please note Section D has to be reviewed and signed by EHS prior to submitting the form to Capital Management Accounting)
Non Capital Asset Disposal
Off Site Equipment Record

Human Resources Forms

Human Resources VIP Forms
Payment to Individuals Process


to find these two forms, visit HR's form webpage here



Purchasing Services Forms

EPIC Forms

Non-PO Invoice Cover Sheet
New Supplier Request Form




Forms for Purchases outside of EPIC

Requisition to Purchase Goods (from an Individual)
Standing or Part Order Receipt, Comptrollers Form 5
Contract Routing Form (CRF) - Please note: This is a Legal Counsel form



Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) Forms

ICAs with a Supplier are processed through EPIC using the Contract Module.
ICAs to an Individual can be submitted directly to Purchasing Services.

Additional Information
Signing of Agreements Policy and Procedures
Approved Signing Authorities
Tax treatment of non residents who perform services in Canada
ICA Forms

An Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) is required for Payments to Individuals,
where the Services will exceed $5,000.00 and over within the fiscal year.
For Payments to Individuals (i.e. no Business Number), for Services $5,000.00 and under
within the fiscal year, see 'Payments to Individuals' on the Human Resources website at:
Independent Contractor Agreements (ICA's) - Completion and signing of the ICA forms are required
for Service Contracts over $25,000.00, to a Business (Supplier has a Business Number).
These ICA's are to be uploaded together with a Contract Request in EPIC.

NOTE: The below forms are NOT to be edited or modified.
Requests to Edit or Modify any of the Independent Contractor Agreement forms must be
reviewed; and, can only be modified by the Legal Office.

Instructions for Processing Proforma Independent Contractor Agreements (ICA)
Contract Authorization Request Form (CAR form) Revised May 2017 
Independent Contractor Agreement - (required in duplicate, for Individuals)  
Schedule A - Services (required in duplicate, for Individuals) Revised September 2018
Schedule B - Payment (required in duplicate, for Individuals) Revised September 2018
Schedule C - Expenses (required in duplicate, for Individuals)
ICA Amendment Forms
Instructions for Processing an Amendment to an Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA)
Contract Amendment Form (CAF form)
Schedule D - Amending Agreement (required in duplicate, for Individuals)

Purchasing Related Forms

Requisition for New Work
Requisition for Supplies Central Stores

Revenue, General & Student Accounting Forms

Authorization for Refund
Bank Deposit Transmittal Advice
Department Deposit Report /Instructions / New Instructions for Bannatyne Campus
Merchant Request Form (Beanstream and/or POS)
Operating Funded Capital Transfers  (Excel)
Request to Add / Change an AR Customer

Supplier Payment Services Forms

Bank Transfer Request Form
For Payments to Individuals, please complete the Payments to Individuals workflow  to determine the accurate form.
Related Forms: Payments to Non-Canadian Residents




Travel Services Forms

Foreign Accountable Advance Request Form
Foreign Accountable Reconciliation Form
Gift Card Reconciliation Form
Guest / Student Travel and Business Expense Claim
Petty Cash Replenishment and Reconciliation
Request for Change Fund
Request for Petty Cash Fund
St Boniface Hospital Parking Reimbursement Form 2014-2015
St Boniface Hospital Parking Reimbursement Form 2015-2016
Travel Pre-Authorization Form









Concur Forms   




Missing Receipt Affidavit
Reference Number (RN #) Link





University Credit Cards

University Travel Card Application Form (US Bank Visa)
Visa Purchasing Card
VISA Order Form




Other Forms

Financial Services Internal Forms
Requisition for Disbursement
Trust & Endowment Forms
Transfer of Funds to Trust and Endowment
Transfer of Funds from Trust and Endowment