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Donor Recognition Series

FitzGerald in Context

Orange Corner
(Ken Lochhead)

Bill Weege

Bond, Dyck, Koop,

Gordon Lebredt

Richard Williams

Winston Leathers

Printmaking in the 1950s

Andor Weininger

The Gothic Unconscious

Goyce & Joshim Kakegamic

That 70s Show

Aganetha Dyck


The University of Manitoba collects historical and contemporary art, and the School of Art houses the largest art collection within the University of Manitoba. This collection has two parts: the FitzGerald Study Collection (see below) and the Permanent Collection. The former is a tight, well documented collection devoted to LeMoine FitzGerald and his contemporaries. The latter has a range of historical and contemporary work, both Canadian and non-Canadian, largely collected without any long range acquisitions policy, which is currently being developed. The School of Art also has a collection of important works on long-term loan to Gallery One One One's sister institution the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Gallery One One One is a certified institution under the Cultural Property Act, and is designated as a Category A institution according to National Museums standards, and so it is able to receive works of national significance and to provide the care they require. Through gifts and purchases, it is intended that the strength of the historical and contemporary Manitoba art component of the collection be developed to become an important resource to the University and to the community. Beginnings include recent donations of work by Manitoba artists of the 1950's and the 1960's as well as important works of other periods, including a generous recent donation (by the Weininger Foundation of New York) of the work of the Bauhaus artist Andor Weininger. Recent donations have been obtained through the work of the co-chairs of Gallery One One One's Collections Committee, Dr. Oliver Botar and Gallerist Robert Epp.

The collections policy includes provisions for extending collections of historical and contemporary Manitoba art in a more structured manner than in the past. A small endowment fund designated for collection maintenance and development exists to support this program.

THE FITZGERALD STUDY COLLECTION: Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald (1890-1956) was appointed principal of the Winnipeg School of Art (partly as a result of a student petition) over fifty years ago. FitzGerald, a Winnipeg artist, became a member of Canada's Group of Seven and taught at the School of Art in Winnipeg for twenty five years, acting as principal from 1929 to 1949. His works are now in public and private collections across Canada, and have been in nearly two hundred exhibitions, including London, England, Washington, D.C., Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Peking, and Shanghai. Any view of Canadian art must take into account the work of this elegant, restrained, and independent Winnipeg artist.

LeMoine FitzGerald's daughter, Patricia FitzGerald Morrison, wished to preserve certain study materials, including working drawings, family papers, family photographs, and letters, for the use of students of her father's work, and she offered them to the University of Manitoba for use at the School. When she died in 1976, her executor, Mr. J. Michael Robinson, of Toronto, and her heirs, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Green of Ottawa, honoured her wishes, and the FitzGerald Study Collection became a reality. A major work, the magnificent Autumn Sonata of 1953/4, came to the Collection as a direct gift in Mrs. Morrison's will. Present and future art historians owe a debt of gratitude to the generosity and wisdom of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Green for such an extensive gift. The collection includes over 1,100 drawings on paper, 34 watercolors and gouache, as well as a small number of oils. Also received were photographs and documents, as well as correspondence, especially from the Group of Seven which are now held by the University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections.

The Collection has been augmented by gifts from Dr. E.J. Thomas, Professor Gissur Eliasson, Mrs. Irene Heywood-Hemsworth, Mrs. Mary Ferguson, Mr. Hugh Morrison, and the Alumni Association of the University of Manitoba. The latter organization raised $5,000 in 1977 to present the School with FitzGerald's only known self-portrait. Grants in aid of work on the Collection plus materials and equipment as well as work on manuscripts have been made by the Winnipeg Foundation; the University of Manitoba through (then) Vice-President J.C. Gilson's office; and the Research Grants Committee of the Research Board, University of Manitoba.

Gallery One One One at the School of Art has an Art Rental Program for offices on the Fort Garry campus of the University of Manitoba. This service raises money to support the School's exhibition program. Donations are also gratefully accepted in exchange for a charitable tax receipt to the Eldon Hagglund Memorial Acquisition Fund.