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The Donor Recognition Series is an ongoing set of exhibitions that acknowledges and celebrates the important contribution of private donors, not only to the permanent collection of Gallery One One One, but also to the School of Art and the University of Manitoba. In addition to donations of art, donations of money are also gratefully exchanged for charitable tax receipts by Gallery One One One for its Eldon Hagglund Memorial Acquisition Fund.

The 2010 text below is by Stephanie Fehr, courtesy On Manitoba Magazine

Artists expand the way we see things and thanks to donors to the University of Manitoba, the permanent collection at Gallery One One One has also expanded -- significantly.

The Donor Recognition Series -- featuring works from collections donated by Bill Lobchuk [DipArt/66], Frank Mikuska [DipArt/51], and Anna and Lyle Silverman [BSc(Pharm)/66] -- celebrates the impact private donations have made to the art gallery.

During the past eight years, over 750 pieces of art have been donated to the gallery. "Donations of art have truly built the permanent collection of Gallery One One One," says Robert Epp, gallerist. "It's time to really recognize the contributions we've had from artists, many of them graduates from the School of Art, and private donors."

The Series features works of art from some of the largest donations the gallery has received.

Lobchuk donated 95 prints from the Grand Western Canadian Screen Shop, a venture he set up in the late 1960s to give artists a place to print their work. Dealing in limited run prints, the Screen Shop attracted talent from all over Canada including Winston Leathers, Don Proch, Daphne Odjig, Joe Fafard, Pierre Ayot, Tony Tascona and Jackson Beardy, among others, and his donation reflects that.

"I'm happy that the collection is at the School of Art," says Lobchuk. "This is printed history. Students should be the first to take advantage of that. It's invaluable to them to have a history of printmaking for 30 years, both at the national and local levels."

Lobchuk is not the only donor who felt the best way to represent Manitoba's rich art history was to include the works of many artists from an era. "I felt that the material that I was going to donate should not be only mine, but should also include work by my contemporaries, so that it would help provide a context for the scene at that time," says Mikuska, who's been described as a formidable talent. "I felt that I should help provide a background for the development of art at this School and in this city."

As art collectors, the Silvermans' donation features prints and three-dimensional works from many artists including Ivan Eyre, Alex Colville and Christopher Pratt. Motivated to share their passion for art, Anna Silverman, who bought her first etching at the age of 13, says art, along with music and literature, is "one of the finest things humans can do as a creative force."

"I hope students who have access (to these works) will be stimulated by them and get ideas from them," she explains. "I hope other people who pass through get to see things that aren't normally available to them."
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