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Images from
Aganetha Dyck's

Science, Art & Bees

by Mark L. Winston.

Nature as Language
by Serena Keshavjee.

Aganetha Dyck:
The Living Skin

by Juan Antonio Ramírez.

Aganetha Dyck

by Rebecca Stillwell.

Dyck work

ABOVE: Aganetha Dyck, untitled, 2000. Photo by Peter Dyck.

Aganetha Dyck: Nature as Language
Edited by Serena Keshavjee for an exhibition she curated at Gallery One One One.

While initially working with a range of sculptural media, including wool, buttons, and cigarettes, since 1991 Dyck has concentrated exclusively on placing ordinary objects in the apiary and allowing the bees to create wax and honeycomb encrusted sculptures. For Gallery One One One, Dyck extended her "collaborations" with the bees by focusing on inter-species communication. While scientists have learned that bees actually communicate through a kind of dance, in Dyck's sculpture the honeycomb depicts a visual form of their language. The honeycomb works both as an art object, and as a means of conveying information. This installation represents Dyck's effort to translate human language into a language of "nature."

The Aganetha Dyck: Nature as Language CD-ROM includes essays, images and the interactive work called The Wax Museum which is an Aganetha Dyck, Richard Dyck and William Eakin collaboration. The disk also contains information about other Gallery One One One exhibitions: $20.00 plus shipping = $25.00 payable to Gallery One One One, School of Art, Main Floor, FitzGerald Building, University of Manitoba Fort Garry campus, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA R3T 2N2 TEL:204 474-9322 FAX:474-7605

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