Dr. Stacie Burke

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Dr. Stacie Burke

Associate Professor
Office: 437 Fletcher Argue
Phone: (204) 474-6629
Email: Stacie.Burke@umanitoba.ca

PhD (Toronto)


Recent Courses:

  • ANTH 1210- Human Origins and Antiquity
  • ANTH 2240 – Plagues and People
  • ANTH 2860 – Evolution and Human Diversity
  • ANTH 3720 – Demography of Past Populations
  • ANTH 4860/7930- Selected Topics in Biological Anthropology

Areas of Specialization:

Biological anthropology, medical anthropology, anthropological demography; historical case studies of health, illness, and medical care in Canada, the Caribbean, Europe; endemic and epidemic infectious diseases, especially tuberculosis; family / household demography

Current Research:

Tuberculosis and the sanatorium era in Canada; the rise of the Medical Arts Building in Canada; dengue disease in Bangladesh; health and illness in colonial era Antigua and St. Kitts

Selected Publications:

  • Burke, Stacie (2018) Building Resistance: Children, Tuberculosis, and the Toronto Sanatorium.  McGill-Queen’s University Press.
  • Ludlow, N.C. and Burke, S.D.A. (2012) Deadly Occupations: Assessing Tuberculosis and Accidental Mortality Among Male Workers in Sydney and Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, 1909-1917. Canadian Studies in Population 39(3-4): 49-66.
  • Burke, S.D.A. (2011) Tuberculosis: Past and Present. Reviews in Anthropology 40(1): 27-52.
  • Sawchuk, L.A., Bryce, E.K. & Burke, S.D.A.  (2010) A Community in Transition: Deconstructing Breastfeeding Trends in Gibraltar, 1955 - 1996.  In T. Moffat and T.L. Prowse (Eds.), Human Diet and Nutrition in Biocultural Perspective: Past Meets Present (Pp. 109-129). Oxford: Berghahn Press. 
  • Sawchuk, L.A. and Burke, S.D.A.  (2008) The Barefooted Foreigner: A Case Study of the Scapegoat in 19th Century Gibraltar.  Current Anthropology 49(3): 511-518.
  • Adams, A. and Burke, S.D.A.  (2008) A Doctor in the House: The Architecture of Home-offices for Physicians in Toronto.  Medical History 52(2): 163-194.
  • Burke, S.D.A. and Sawchuk, L.A. (2007) Reproductive Choices in Gibraltar: A Case Study of a Community In Transition, 1960 - 1996. Canadian Studies in Population 34(2): 149-178.
  • Adams, A. and Burke, S.D.A.  (2006) “Not a Shack in the Woods”: Architecture for Tuberculosis in Muskoka and Toronto.  Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 23(2): 429-455