Careers in Anthropology

Many employers are interested in the skills which anthropology majors tend to possess. These include:

  • knowledge about biological, ecological, and cultural factors that influence human behavior
  • theoretical approaches and practical methods for enhancing cross-cultural understanding
  • knowledge of a variety of ethnic groups and cultures
  • skills in social research, qualitative interviewing and fieldwork, as well as quantitative methods
  • a basic understanding of human evolution and genetics
  • experience in writing both descriptive reports and analytical papers
  • the ability to analyze the root causes of social problems, and to work towards solutions with people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds

AREAS OF EMPLOYMENT: (this list is not exhaustive)

women's organizations
international development agencies
ethnic and cultural organizations
refugee / immigrant assistance organizations
community centres and services
government departments (all levels)
historic preservation offices
cultural resource management agencies
social service agencies
foreign service organizations
art galleries
research laboratories
market research firms
historical societies
overseas mission organizations
parks and historic sites
antique collectible shops
physical anthropology laboratories  


(some may require additional education and / or training beyond the undergraduate degree)

art conservator
social science analyst
community development officer
social service agency planner                         
youth authority staff service analyst
international visitors escort / consultant
cultural resource management specialist 
archaeological technician
employment equity officer
multiculturalism educator
park guide / interpreter
impact assessment officer
conservation restoration technician
foreign service officer
non-profit manager

archivist assistant
museum technician
rural development officer
research assistant
archaeological fieldworker
exhibit assistant
community advisor
preservation / restoration assistant     
immigration officer
cultural artifact specialist
consumer researcher
development worker
employment interviewer
heritage assistant
volunteer coordinator
antique dealer









Prepared by Neeti Varma, Career Resource Assistant