Atmosphere 2011  Feb 3-5

University of Manitoba  Faculty of Architecture
Mediated Cities

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Eunate Torres-Modrego (Spain 1977) is an architect trained at Madrid ETSAM (Spain) and the IAUG at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), where she graduated with a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. In 2003, the Architecture and Landscape programme at the IAUG received the first prize for Eunate Torres’s work at the Barcelona Landscape Biennale. She became Christine Dalnoky’s teaching assistant at the University of Geneva in 2004 and has been for the past five years a lecturer in the Architecture and Landscape Postgraduate Programme founded by Georges Descombes at the IAUG.

Since creating Bande Itinérante with Sandra Parvu in the context of their seminar Territories and Moving Images they have been dedicated to landscape design, exhibitions, publications, the organisation of workshops and teaching in different universities (EAPB Paris and ENSAP Lille in France, CUHK Hong Kong in China, Piloto Bogota in Colombia, IAUG Geneva in Switzerland, Kunsthal in Spain). In 2008 she founded the landscape architecture studio Atelier de Paisaje located in Getxo, Spain and Campan, French Pyrenees. Her PhD investigates the fabrication of representation tools and seeks to articulate filmmaking experiments with landscape architecture.
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