Degree Components

What is required in a degree?

A 'degree' is an official academic certification awarded or conferred on a student who has successfully completed a prescribed course of study at the University level.

The first level of a degree is referred to as an Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree. Most Undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees require around 120 credit hours of study and four years to complete. The University of Manitoba does offer some Undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees that require about 90 credit hours of study and are three years in length.

Regardless of whether your undergraduate degree requires three or four years, they all are typically comprised of several components: a major; a minor, core subject areas and electives. During your course of study these components are taken concurrently in order to move through a degree efficiently.

  • Major – is your primary in-depth study and specialization in one subject or discipline. You will take a large portion of your courses from this particular area.

  • Minor – is required in only some degrees and is considered a secondary specialization in a subject or discipline. The amount of courses required in the minor are about half of the amount of courses required in the major.

  • Core Degree Requirements – is a set of common courses required of all students completing a particular degree regardless of your major or minor study areas. These core degree requirements are intended to provide you with a breadth of knowledge from a wide variety of subjects that are relevant to your degree of choice. One such requirement is the Written English and Mathematics Requirement.*

  • Electives – are courses from areas you 'elect' to study outside of your major, minor or the core degree requirements. You are encouraged to choose electives based on your personal interests or to complement your studies by selecting courses from a different subject or discipline from your major and minor.

For future planning, you can view the Academic Calendar for complete degree information and program descriptions.


Components of a University degree: a major, a minor, core subject areas and electives.

    *Written English and Mathematics Requirement
    The University of Manitoba requires all students to complete a minimum of one 3 credit hour course in written English (W) and a minimum of one 3 credit hour course in mathematics (M) to meet the degree requirements, and in most cases should be completed in the first 60 credit hours of study. There are many courses for you to choose from which fulfill these requirements. Some programs require you to take these courses in your first year of study, while others will allow you to take these courses in second year. Review the Recommended Introductory Courses list, found within the First Year Planning Guide and the Academic Calendar , for specific details on the W and M requirements.

May 24, 2016