U.S. Student Funding

Non-government Funding:   

Government Funding  


All U.S. students applying for Direct Loans are required to fill out and submit the form listed below (see first link below) to the UofM Financial Aid & Awards office by July 2, 2019.  This form is required to process your loan in a timely fashion to meet the tuition fee deadline.  

U.S. Direct Student loan application for the 2019-2020 school year (pdf)

After receiving all of your required documentation, you will receive an eligible loan letter to your University of Manitoba email account (unless you specify a different account to send information to). This letter will indicate your eligible loan amount(s) and will include further rights and responsibilities that you will have to agree to prior to receiving loan funds.

Know your Loan Limits! Before you think of applying for funding, know how much you can borrow! Many first year students are not eligible for more than USD$5,500 for the entire school year. In addition, funds cannot be released to first-time loan borrowers until they've attended at least 30 days of school so prepare your money plan  today!

Plan ahead - learn about money management (how to budget); Satisfactory Academic Performance (SAP) policy; Canadian banking and study visas. Find all of this and more on our WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW page.


  • Distance and online learning courses are not eligible for Federal Student Aid (even having one of these courses will disqualify you from funding)
  • Part-time students are not eligible for Direct Loans - all students must take a 60% course load (read more on the "What you need to know page)
  • NEW students! If this is your first time receiving a Federal loan, you must attend school for 30 days before your funds can be released
  • Federal Pell Grants and Federal Work-Study are not available outside of the U.S.
  • Direct Loan funding is not available for students who want to study nursing
  • Direct Loan funding is not available for students in a non-degree program (ie. diploma, certificate)
  • Direct Loan funding is not available for students registered in the Faculty of Extended Education.
  • Graduate and professional students are no longer eligible to receive subsidized loans, but may receive a maximum of $20,500/year in unsubsized loans.
  • Graduate students will have their loans disbursed in three parts as follows:  1st disbursement - September; 2nd disbursement - January; 3rd disbursement - March.

Parents, we haven't forgotten about you!  Click here for information about the Direct Loan program that was written just for you!