Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) & Course Load Requirements

Satisfactory Academic Progress

All students must be aware of, and adhere to, satisfactory academic standards in order to remain eligible for US funding.

Academic standards at the University of Manitoba are set and outlined by the faculty (or school) that you are currently registered for, and/or will be attending within the current or immediately next academic session. Standards are based upon grade point average (GPA) and your faculty/school requirements for graduation (the length of time taken to complete your degree).

Should academic progress not be maintained, a (funded) probationary period will apply; this period will be no shorter than one academic term, and will not exceed one academic calendar year. After a probationary period has been completed and progress has not either been achieved or maintained, suspension from receiving subsequent student loans will occur until academic progress is satisfactorily achieved, and/or maintained, according to faculty/school standards.

If you are unaware of your satisfactory academic progress standards, please refer to the University of Manitoba Calendar & Registration Guide, and/or consult with your academic advisor for program requirements.

Course Load Requirements

Course load "101" - Course load is a simple calculation based on the credit hours you'll be taking, or in other words, how full time you will be.  There are varying degrees of course load and minimums that each student must have in order to be considered full time. See below to check how to add up your course load for undergraduate & professional (dentistry, law, etc). Make sure to read the minimum course load acceptable per term; going below this may result in the loss of your loan or put you into an overaward situation (whereby you would have to repay what you were 'overawarded' before any new loans would be issued to you).

Course load Cheat Sheet - for classes in the regular academic session; September - April:

9   credit hours/term (total of 18 credit hours) =  60%  course load ** 
12 credit hours/term (total of 24 credit hours) =  80%  course load
15 credit hours/term (total of 30 credit hours) =  100% course load

** All students must take a minimum of 9 credit hours per term or may not recieve and/or be eligible for further funding (see exceptions below)

Exceptions! Graduate students do not have a credit hour requirement. If you are a graduate student in a Master's or Ph.D. program, when you register as a full time student, you will automatically be considered at a 100% course load (even if solely working on your thesis; just ensure that your thesis work is registered for by either yourself, or your department).

Academic Requirements: All students must note that course load requirements for student aid (loan) purposes may differ from the requirements imposed by your faculty for program completion and/or graduation. Always consult with your faculty student advisor to ensure that you are maximizing your course load for program requirements.