Work-Study Program

The Work-Study Program was initiated in 1997 to provide supplementary financial assistance for those students with documented financial need in the form of current government student loans. Work-Study is coordinated by Financial Aid & Awards and Career Services.

Work-Study offers part-time, on-campus employment for students with documented financial need (see student eligibility below) at the University of Manitoba during the regular academic session (summer session excluded). The program offers students an opportunity to gain work experience and skills related to their field of study while beneficially combining work and study in one place.  


If you would like to register for the Work-Study Program please visit Career Connect, select Work Study on the left navigation and complete the Work Study Program Application prior to Nov. 28th or contact the program coordinator: The original Student Application deadline for 2016/17 was September 12th.  Once students have been pre-approved for the program they can view and apply to Work-Study postings.  

*Extended deadline for new and re-posted Work Study positions is Nov. 30, 11:59pm.*

Student eligibility for the Work-Study Program is based upon students meeting this criteria:

  • Have proof of a 2016-2017 government student aid package of at least $2,000; or, proof of 2016-2017 Indigenous band sponsorship. NOTE: past government aid does not count; personal bank loans such as lines of credit and/or educational loans and registered educational saving plans are not considered with this program.
  • Be registered at the University of Manitoba as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student in both terms (Fall 2016 and Winter 2017). Students must have a minimum 60% course load (at least 9 credit hours per term for undergraduate students);
  • Have achieved a satisfactory academic standing with a minimum 2.0 institutional grade point average in their previous academic session (not applicable for new U of M students)
  • International students are not eligible unless they have proof of a government student loan or aid package for the 2016-2017 school year from their home country. Private/educational bank loans are not considered; no exceptions will be made. Proof of government funding must be attached to the student application or will be considered ineligible.

    Not eligible for the Work-Study Program, but still looking for work? View other on-campus and off-campus jobs posted on CareerConnect or visit Career Services for assistance.

    Still have questions? Email us at: or phone: 204-474-9456.


    Employer job submission deadline: July 6, 2016
    To obtain a Work-Study Employer Info Package please contact: 

    Work-Study employment timeline: Date of hire to March 10th.

    Notice: Reimbursement Forms for employers are due March 17th, 2017.



    Register for the 2016/17 Work-Study program and apply for jobs on:

    Work-Study positions include: 
    * Extended deadline, Nov. 30, for those highlighted yellow and highlighted blue (NEW positions) 

    • -Research Assistant, Centre on Aging
    • -Marketing & Event Management Coordinator, Asper MBA Program
    • -Research Assistant, Physiology and Pathophysiology, College of Medicine (Bannatyne)
    • -Research Assistant, CHRR, Faculty of Law
    • -Promotions Assistant, School of Art
    • -Office Assistant, Bison Athletic Therapy Centre
    • -Research Assistant, Department of Anthropology
    • -Admissions Assistant, Admissions Office
    • -Recreation Assistant, Recreation Services(Bannatyne)
    • Promotions Assistant, Student Life
    • -Rural Indigenous Planner, Natural Resource Institute
    • -Sustainability Research Analyst, Office of Sustainability
    • -Mental Health Strategy Assistant, Student Affairs & Human Resources
    • -International Marketing Coordinator, Asper Exchange Program
    • -Student Office Assistant, Student Accessibility Services
    • -Computer Lab Assistant, Faculty of Education
    • -Herbarium Database Technician, Dept. of Biological Sciences
    • -Office Assistant, Faculty of Health Sciences, UGME (Bannatyne)
    • -Child Care Assistant - Play Care Assistant
    • -Student Recruitment Assistant, Student Recruitment
    • -Events Assistant, Bison Sports
    • -Student Facilities & Equipment Assistant, Desautels Faculty of Music
    • -Student Office Assistant, St. Paul's College
    • -Career Services Assistant, Student Engagement & Career Services (Bannatyne)   
    • -Student Career Service Advisor, Career Services
    • -Events Coordination Assistant, Career Services
    • -Student Office Assistant, College of Dentistry (Bannatyne)
    • -Student Engagement Assistant, Indigenous Student Centre
    • -Ooshka-abe (female), Indigenous Student Centre
    • -Ooshka-abe (male), Indigenous Student Centre
    • -Student Office Assistant, English Language Centre
    • -Student Program Assistant, English Language Centre
    • -Student Social Media Assistant, Marketing and Communications Office
    • -Lab Assistant, Biological Sciences
    • -Office Assistant, Student Advocacy and Accessibility
    • -Gallery Assistant, School of Art
    • -Lead Invigilator, Student Accessibility Services Exam Centre
    • -Research Assistant, CREATE H20, Centre for Human Rights Research
    • -Awards Assistant, Financial Aid & Awards
    • -Financial Aid and Awards Assistant, Financial Aid and Awards
    • -Student Administrative Assistant, Bison Football
    • -DEFT Media Lab Assistant, Dept. of English, Film & Theatre
    • -UMVP and Orientation Program Assistant, Student Life
    • -Mentorship Programs Assistant, Student Life