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How does the Career Mentor Program Work?

The Career Mentor Program (CMP) is an excellent career exploration tool for students who are career undecided and for those who would like more information to support their career planning and success.  As a student, you can meet with a professional in one or more occupations for a one-time, one hour informational interview.  Career Mentor Program staff matches you with a mentor and you are responsible for: attending a program orientation, contacting the mentor to arrange a meeting time, following through with the mentor visit, and completing a program evaluation.  You are eligable to participate in the Career Mentor Program anytime during your studies at the University of Manitoba.


To sign-up for the Career Mentor Program, please fill out a registration form at the Career Services front desk, located at 474 University Centre.  Contact the program coordinators for more information or if you have questions or concens that need to be addressed prior to registration - phone: 474-8667, e-mail:

Orientation Session

The orientation session prepares you for the mentor visit by helping you to develop questions that are specific to you and your chosen occupation; this includes a discussion and evaluation of your career values.  In addition, protocol for the mentor visit is reviewed and informational interview tips.  Any questions that you may have about the mentor visit or how to prepare can be answered at this time.  You will be e-mailed your mentor’s name and contact information within a week or so following the orientation session.      
Student – Mentor Matching

Matching students to mentors can be complex and time-consuming.   Program coordinaotrs utilize a confidential mentor database to match you with the appropriate individual.  At present, the program database includes over 700 mentors from a large array of professions.  In instances where we don’t have a mentor who satisfies your occupational specifications, we will try to find someone.  This may take some time since program coordinators locate new mentors through referrals or other sources.
Contacting the Mentor

After you receive the information about the mentor, it is important for you to contact the mentor as soon as you can, or within 2 weeks, to set up a meeting time. This is important because the mentor is expecting your call.  The reputation of the program is affected by student follow-through.  It is very important to respect the time Career Mentors have donated and keep them well informed. 

The Mentor Visit

The mentor visit or informational interview should take approximately an hour, although times may vary.  Often the visit occurs at the mentor's workplace or another mutually convenient location.  The meeting may include a site tour.  In some cases job-shadowing may be an option, following or in lieu of an informational interview, but this depends on the occupation being explored and the availability of the individual mentor.
Feedback & Follow-up

The student evaluation is your chance to let us know what you thought of the program - ways that it can be improved, whether the matching to your mentor was appropriate and what you liked the most about the program.  Follow-up Evaluation Forms for students and mentors are completed following their vist.  Evaluations can be completed online or via the paper copies provided to you at your orientation session.  It is important that students complete an evaluation after the mentor visit because it confirms that the visit has taken place.   


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