Offered: fall, winter, spring


Group bookings are subject to date availability. Request your date via our group booking form here. Within 3 business days our team will either confirm your booking or contact you to discuss alternative dates and details. 

A note on participant numbers 
We understand that your group size may change leading up to your scheduled date. Changes of 1 to 15 participants will be accepted fourteen days before your date.  Fees will not be modified within 2 weeks of the start date. 

Our team will send an invoice to your group organizer or organization fourteen days before your start date. Payment is required on the day of your program. Please make cheques out to  The University of Manitoba. 

Group organizers are responsible for collecting individual waivers per participant and presenting them to our team on the day of your booking. 



1-25 participants: $6.50/hour/person 
26-50 participants: $5.50/hour/person 
51-99 participants: $4.50/hour/person 
100-149 participants: $4.00/hour/person 
150+ participants: $3.50/hour/person 

Wall climbing 

1-50 participants: $8.00/hour/person 

Bus parking