Why Join the College of Nursing?

We are committed to provide nursing care in a variety of settings and to make a difference in people's lives. We offer programs in a community that is characterized by a mosaic of cultural groups. Our curriculum gives students a solid base in theory and our clinical practice allows students to apply their skills and techniques in actual care-giving environments. Our nurses view people in their entirety through providing a service essential to community health and welfare.

 Bachelor of Nursing Program                   

 Entrance Requirements
 Application Process
 Non Academic Admission Requirements 2017-2018 
 Applicants from Diploma and Degree Programs
 Advanced Standing for LPN (graduates from ACC)
 Advanced Standing for LPN (graduates from UCN)
 Special Consideration Category 
 4-year Curriculum - if admitted prior to 2015
 BN Curriculum
 Representative Skills, Abilities, and Capacities of the Bachelor of Nursing Program 
 Costs Associated with Bachelor of Nursing Program 

 Baccalaureate Program for Registered Nurses                    

 Entrance Requirements
 Application Process 
 BPRN Curriculum
 Non-Academic Admission Requirements 2017-2018

Did you know?

A career in Nursing offers endless opportunities, specializations, and prospects in diverse settings and locations . . .  it is an exciting time to be a nurse!