PhD in Nursing

Course Requirements

Four core courses and a doctoral seminar are to be completed by nursing doctoral students (see link for Core Courses on right). If pre-requisite education has been evaluated as insufficient, additional course work will be required prior to entry into the College of Nursing doctoral program. Applicants will work with a faculty member (potential Advisor) to negotiate a learning plan to prepare to meet educational requirements.

Elective Courses

Once doctoral students have completed the College of Nursing doctoral core course, students, in collaboration with their Advisor, may augment learning with elective courses. Decisions will be based on enhancing theoretical, clinical, methodological, statistical, and/or policy knowledge. Courses offered within the College of Nursing, other University of Manitoba faculties, or at external universities may be taken as elective course(s).

Evaluation of Progress and Evaluation Criteria

The core courses evaluate student progress through a combination of written assignments, presentations, seminar participation and other mechanisms articulated by course leaders.

Candidacy examinations follow the successful completion of core and negotiated elective courses. The candidacy examinations, in keeping with the specifications and guidelines of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, provides the student with an opportunity to demonstrate competency within their discipline and substantive area with respect to analyzing, synthesizing and communicating ideas from a wide spectrum of relevant literature.

Thesis proposal, in accordance with the Faculty of Graduate Studies PhD thesis regulations, the proposed thesis research project must be approved by the Advisory Committee. The thesis proposal defense is an opportunity for the student to demonstrate a level of knowledge and skill required to undertake the thesis research and how the research will contribute original findings specific to their field of study. The approved thesis proposal must meet appropriate research ethics and access review prior to commencing related research activities.

PhD Thesis and Final Oral Examination. The PhD thesis must be written in the standard style required by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and approved by the Advisory Committee members. Details with respect to submission of the thesis must follow the Thesis Information and Guidelines provided by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Faculty of Graduate Studies general regulations govern the final oral examination. A Thesis Examination Committee is appointed as per these general regulations.

Graduate Student Facilities

Graduate student facilities such as space and other support resources within the University are provided, and include: study carrels, library resources, audio/visual resources, and computer resources.

Active student associations at the University include the Graduate Students’ Association and the Graduate Nursing Students’ Association.

The Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research (MCNHR) is located within the College of Nursing and provides assistance to graduate nursing students with their research and data analysis.

November 2014