Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement:

We are leaders in nursing education, research and outreach. Our goal is to advance nursing knowledge, practice and health care locally, nationally and internationally.

Vision Statement:

To create an innovative learning environment that fosters personal and professional development, appreciation for diversity, mentorship, critical thinking and reflection, development of collaborative partnerships in education, research, health care delivery and service.

Values Statement:

The College of Nursing values excellence in nursing grounded in the following:

Leadership that is consultative, empowering, future-oriented and inspirational.

Collaborative Relationships that are respectful, collegial, and build on communities of interprofessional education, practice and research.

Learning/Work Environments that are supportive, challenging, dynamic and creative.

Professionalism that is based in knowledge, ethics, competence and accountability.

Scholarship that is fueled by passion and creativity to further the discovery, creation, synthesis, evaluation and dissemination of new knowledge in education and practice.

Client/patient-centered care which focuses on the goals and values of the client and facilitates client participation and decision-making to meet health care needs.

A commitment to promoting social justice1 and equity2 in education, research, and practice.

1Equal opportunities for health.
2Absence of systematic disparities in health, or its social determinants, between more and less advantaged groups in society