Application for Graduate Admission -

All applications are to be submitted directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, 500 University Centre, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

Canadian/U.S./International students seeking fall (September) admission should submit their applications, with complete supporting documentation, by February 1.

We may also consider applications from students interested in commencing their programs in the winter session (January) or spring/summer session (May/July). These applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Applicants are advised to contact the FKRM Graduate Program Office to confirm the deadline for these start dates.

Program Approval Form - Download PDF
Before registering for your courses for the first time, a Program Approval Form must be submitted to the Faculty’s Graduate Program Chair. This form is used to record the coursework you are expected to complete as part of your degree requirements. The form is to be completed by the advisor in consultation with the student, and must be signed by both. The Graduate Program Chair will review and sign the Program Approval Form. A copy will be maintained in the student’s file.

Note: Revisions to the Program Approval Form must be approved by the advisor and the student, and registered with the Graduate Program Chair.

Annual Student Progress Report
The advisor, in conjunction with the graduate student, must complete an Annual Progress Report for each student. A completed copy of this form is to be submitted to the Graduate Program Chair in June of each academic year. This is a requirement of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and, as such, students will be unable to register for the upcoming year unless this form has been submitted.

Directed/Individual Study Form - Download PDF
Students may complete a maximum of two directed study courses (total of 6 credit hours) from our Faculty as part of their Master's program degree requirements. Students, in conjunction with the advisor for the course, must complete the Directed/Individual Study form. On the form you are required to include a title and a description of the coursework to be completed. The form must be approved by the Graduate Program Chair and filed with the Graduate Program Coordinator who will then register you for the course.

Note: CO Status (continuing course) in Directed/Individual Study Courses.
At times, directed study courses may extend over a single term. In such cases a student may receive a "CO" until the final grade can be submitted. Typically, CO status should not be carried beyond the academic year in which the student initially registered for the course (e.g., September registration - grade should be submitted no later than the following August). In extenuating circumstances, this may not be possible. In these cases, the student must be re-registered for the course and the Graduate Program Chair should be notified.

Health, Leisure and Human Performance Research Institute Application for Graduate Student Travel Award - $500
The main objective of the Graduate Student Travel Award is to provide graduate students in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management with the opportunity to participate in and to present their research at academic conferences; the objective being an enhancement of their academic credentials and professional development through exposure to the national and international scientific community.

The maximum value of the award is $500 per student per year with a total of four awards to be made each year.

▶ Application form for graduate students

▶ Application form for affiliates

Awards & Scholarship Applications & Forms through FGS
In case you missed it over on our Funding, Scholarships & Awards page, there are plenty of forms to fill out if you want to apply for scholarships and awards through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Check them all out at:

Master's Thesis/Practicum Title & Appointment of Examiners Form
It’s the Graduate Program Office’s responsibility to indicate to the Faculty of Graduate Studies the title of your thesis and the names of the Thesis Examining Committee members on the following form at the time the committee is created.

FKRM Advisory Committee Form

Permission To Use Copyrighted Material Form
Used to request permission to quote or reproduce material listed in a professional journal for preparation of your thesis/practicum for your degree.

Thesis Release Form
At the time you submit your thesis or dissertation to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, you will be asked to sign an agreement with Library and Archives Canada (LAC) entitled Theses Non-Exclusive License.

What exactly is this license? It's an agreement between you, the thesis author, and Library and Archives Canada that gives the LAC permission to include your thesis in the Theses Canada program. This program makes theses available by a number of different methods to anyone wanting to access them. Because the license is non-exclusive you can pursue any other publishing venture that you wish. The license clearly indicates that you continue to own the copyright in your thesis. Further, you keep your moral rights, i.e. the rights you retain over the integrity of the work and the right to be named as its author even after sale or transfer of the copyright.

Research Ethics Board (REB) Forms & Guidelines
Protocols may be submitted for ethics at any time. If the research involves minimal risk and does not require a full board review, the review process can be completed normally within 15 working days. If, however, the protocol requires full board review, it must be submitted before the submission deadline of the relevant REB indicated on the link below.

REB Forms and Guidelines are available here:

Other Electronic Research Forms
The University’s Office of the Vice-President (Research) contains all forms needed to conduct research. They can be found at:

Emergency Loan Form
Sometimes, money runs out. The Emergency Loan Form is available and distributed through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. This emergency fund is to assist full-time graduate students with immediate educational & living costs. It is not applicable to Tuition Fees. The maximum amount available for a loan is $1,000.

Request for Extension of Time Form
Students are required to complete the requirements of their degree within 5 years. Recommendations for extensions of time to complete the degree will be considered on an individual basis. The Time Extension Request to Complete Program of Study Form  must be signed by your advisor and submitted to the Graduate Program Office for recommendation to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at least four months prior to the deadline date for completion of program requirements. “Request for Extension of Time”. Typically, only one time extension will be granted for a period of up to, but not exceeding, two years.

Note: Advisors and students should be aware that Master’s level coursework is considered “stale-dated” within eight years (i.e., to count towards the degree coursework must be completed within eight years of the year in which the degree is earned). This stipulation does not apply to courses taken in the Pre-Master’s program.

Leave of Absence Form
There are different kinds of leaves of absences. Leaves of absences must be approved by the advisor and Graduate Program Chair. Requests are then submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for recommendation. Please consult the Leave of Absence Form for details.

Thesis-Graduation Deadlines
Deadlines for graduands to submit their thesis for distribution to their committee members and for submission of final reports can be found at the Faculty of Graduate Studies site.

Defence/Proposal Room Booking Form - Download PDF
This form should be completed and returned to the graduate program as soon as a date has been agreed upon for your defence/proposal

Scheduling of Oral Presentation Thesis Proposal/Defense - Download PDF
This form confirms the student's thesis proposal / defense is ready to proceed to the oral presentation on the date and time noted. Please return this form no later than one week prior to the tentatively scheduled date.

Thesis Defense or Proposal Submission Form - Download PDF
This form is for submiting the student's defence or proposal.