Graduate Studies Forms

Program Approval Form

Before registering for your courses for the first time, a Program Approval Form must be submitted to the Faculty’s Graduate Program Chair. This form is used to record the coursework you are expected to complete as part of your degree requirements. The form is to be completed by the advisor in consultation with the student, and must be signed by both. The Graduate Program Chair will review and sign the Program Approval Form. A copy will be maintained in the student’s file. PDF

Note: Revisions to the Program Approval Form must be approved by the advisor and the student, and registered with the Graduate Program Chair.

Annual Student Progress Report

The advisor, in conjunction with the graduate student, must complete an Annual Progress Report for each student. A completed copy of this form is to be submitted to the Graduate Program Chair in June of each academic year. This is a requirement of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and, as such, students will be unable to register for the upcoming year unless this form has been submitted. PDF

Directed/Individual Study Form

Students may complete a maximum of two directed study courses (total of 6 credit hours) from our Faculty as part of their Master's program degree requirements. Students, in conjunction with the advisor for the course, must complete the Directed/Individual Study form. On the form you are required to include a title and a description of the coursework to be completed. The form must be approved by the Graduate Program Chair and filed with the Graduate Program Coordinator who will then register you for the course. PDF

Note: CO Status (continuing course) in Directed/Individual Study Courses.
At times, directed study courses may extend over a single term. In such cases a student may receive a "CO" until the final grade can be submitted. Typically, CO status should not be carried beyond the academic year in which the student initially registered for the course (e.g., September registration - grade should be submitted no later than the following August). In extenuating circumstances, this may not be possible. In these cases, the student must be re-registered for the course and the Graduate Program Chair should be notified.

Appeal Forms

Graduate Student Academic Appeal Form and Processes PDF
Graduate Student Discipline Appeal Form and Processes PDF
Recommendation to deal with failed grades PDF

Programs Forms

Advance Credit - transfer of credit PDF
Change of Name Form PDF
Leave of Abscence Form PDF