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The word surgery comes from the Greek "cheirourgia", a combination of the words "cheir" - hand and "ergona" meaning work.  Despite the fact that surgeons like to work with their hands, many scientific discoveries originate from the work of surgeons.

The Department of Surgery is a growing unit within the Max Rady College of Medicine in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences.  Our surgeons strive constantly to provide the best clinical care to patients, the most dynamic education program to students and the highest quality research to advance surgical techniques and knowledge.

The Research Office was recently established to help provide support to the surgeon researchers; promote research achievements and opportunities in the department; coordinate the annual grant competition; and annual research day.  Our website is aimed to make available tools and resources to assist surgeons and residents with their research endeavours.  



Frederic Gaspard Theatre - Basic Medical Sciences Building
Bannatyne Campus
12:00 - 1:00pm

The Edge of Science and Medicine Seminar Series features cutting edge science lectures in a variety of areas. Each department arranges a presentation by a visiting scientist and a local expert. The Edge of Science & Medicine Speaker Series is sponsored by the Office of Vice Dean Research, Faculty of Health Sciences.

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Department of Surgery
Research and Graduate Office
3rd Floor - 825 Sherbrook Street

Phone:  (204) 787-1219
Email:  Surgery.Research@umanitoba.ca  







Thorlakson Lecture...read more

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Annual Surgery Research Day

January 17 2018  Dr James Drake
January 18 2017  Dr Rodney Breau
March 14 2016    Dr Mark Tonelli

Annual Thorlakson Lecture

May 30 2018 Dr. Helene Flageole
May 31 2017  Dr Justin Dimick
April 20 2016 Dr Keith Lillemoe

Edge of Science & Medicine Speaker Series

March 8 2018  Dr Blake Alkire
March 5 2017 Dr Gordon Guyatt
March 14 2016 Dr Mark Tonelli



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