Lawrence Gillman
Dr. Gillman completed medical school and surgical residency at the University of Manitoba. He subsequently completed a Masters in Medical Education at the University of Dundee followed by fellowship training in Critical Care Medicine and Trauma Surgery at the University of Calgary. He joined the Department of Surgery at the University of Manitoba in 2010 as an assistant professor and currently practices as an Acute Care/Trauma Surgeon and Intensivist.

Research Focus
Dr. Gillman’s research interests include point of care ultrasound, surgical education and crisis simulation. Specifically he is focusing on improving training in point of care ultrasound including redeveloping the credentialing process for the FAST (Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma) examination. Other work in this area focuses on validating the use of ultrasound to measure the optic nerve sheath diameter as a non-invasive way to predict intracranial pressure. On the surgical education side, he is working on developing a novel video game platform utilizing an endoscope as a controller to teach early endoscopy skills. Finally, Dr. Gillman is co-founder of the S.T.A.R.T.T. (Standardized Trauma and Resuscitation Team Training) Course, a national trauma crisis simulation course, and is working on developing and improving the course curriculum.

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University of Manitoba
Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery

Current position
General Surgeon - Acute Care and Trauma Surgery, Critical Care Medicine
St Boniface Hospital, Health Sciences Centre, Grace General Hospital, Seven Oaks General Hospital, Victoria General Hospital

Association with a Research Institute
Surgical Education Research Group, University of Manitoba
Laboratory for Surgical Modeling, Simulation and Robotics, University of Manitoba and Health Science Centre


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Winnipeg Manitoba
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Notice to potential students
Currently accepting students or residents with research interests in surgical education, crisis simulation, or point of care ultrasound