Thesis: Submission Checklist

The Faculty of Graduate Studies does NOT provide EXTENSIONS for thesis / practicum submissions beyond the set graduation deadlines. Please refer to the current Graduate Calendar for the deadlines. 

PLEASE ensure that the spelling of the title and author of the thesis / practicum is identical on the FINAL REPORT FORM, THESIS RELEASE FORM and the TITLE PAGE of the thesis/practicum. All sheets must have the same name.

  1. Submit one digital version of the corrected thesis/practicum to MSpace.

It is the student's responsibility to provide copies for their department and for personal distribution.

Please ensure the following are simultaneously submitted to the Graduate Studies Office:

a. The ORIGINAL THESIS/PRACTICUM FINAL REPORT FORM -this is signed by the student's committee once they have successfully defended and/or completed their thesis/practicum.
Note: For Ph.D. Students, FGS provides the form to the Ph.D. Oral Chair and the chair should return it to FGS following the oral examination.

b. The THESIS RELEASE FORM - this is a copyright license form that students are required to complete in MSpace when they submit their thesis.

c. Ethical Review Board approval form (if applicable).

In order to convocate, all outstanding fines / fees (library, parking, tuition, etc.) must have been paid and your file must not be on hold.