Greifswald Exchange Program (one or two semesters)

Organized by the Department of German and Slavic Studies, University of Manitoba.

The "Greifswald Exchange Program" offers Canadian students the opportunity to study for up to 11 months at a German university under the guidance of the International Office at the University of Greifswald. This year in Greifswald should answer the needs of a wide range of forward-looking students. Most obviously it will benefit students of German, prospective German teachers or graduate students. At the same time the year is extremely valuable to students of International Business and Banking, Economics, European History, Philosophy, Music, Politics and those branches of the Natural Sciences in which a sound knowledge of German is considered essential.

The "Greifswald Exchange Program" provides the opportunity to master the German language and study in depth the cultural heritage of the German-speaking countries within the European context, as well as current events. It offers a unique chance to become familiar with German institutions, customs, way of life and to be part of the rapid changes taking place in Europe. The year-long immersion and the first hand knowledge of Germany and Europe give participants a linguistic and cultural expertise which is difficult to acquire in any other way.

Credit at the UofM
All of our exchange and summer-study programs allow students to receive credit toward their University of Manitoba degree.

The exchange with Greifswald is for full-time students (four to five courses per semester) with at least intermediate level German (completion of GRMN 2100 or equivalent) who wish to pursue studies in any discipline in Greifswald.

Application Deadline: mid to end of January each year.

Students will live in recently renovated university residences, arranged through the "Akademisches Auslandsamt".  Fees are reasonable, and vary slightly according to residence.  Cooking facilities are available in the residence, and students may also take advantage of subsidized meals the university Mensa.

The Year at a Glance
The terms in Greifswald are mid-October to the end of January, and continuing April 1st to mid-July.  There is a term break in February and March, during which exchange students are eligible to work or can travel.

Mid-October - End-January: Winter Semester 
February + March Break - An opportunity to work or travel.
Beg-April - Mid-July: Summer Semester

The University of Greifswald
Founded in 1456, the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität is one of the oldest universities in Europe, with generations of notable alumni and staff having studies or worked in Greifswald.  As the fourth-oldest university in present Germany, it was temporarily also the oldest university of the Kingdoms of Sweden (1648-1815) and Prussia (1815-1945), respectively.  Approximately two-thirds of the 12,000 students are from outside the state.  Due to the small-town atmosphere, the pronounced architectural presence of the alma mater across town, and the young, academic flair in the sreets, Greifswald is often described as a "university with a town built around it" rather than a town with a univerisity.

The City of Greifswald (website) 
It is situated in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, at an equal distance of about 250 kilometers (160 miles) from Germany's two largest cities, Berlin and Hamburg.  The town borders the Baltic Sea, and is crossed by a small river, the Ryck.  It is also located near Germany's two largest islands, Rügen and Usedom as well as near three of the country's 14 national parks.

The population is about 55,000, including 12,500 students and 5,000 employees of the University of Greifswald.  Greifswald is internationally known due to the university and the Nord Stream gas pipeline project.

Students pay University of Manitoba tuition fees for a full course load.  The cost of a year in Greifswald is approximately the same as one academic year in shared accommodations in Manitoba, plus the cost of airfare.  There are several scholarships and grants available to assist with costs.

The University of Greifswald generously offers two scholarships of 500 Euro per month to UofM students.  Applicants are nominated by a UofM committee.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Summer and Full-Year Programs
The DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) offers several scholarships for summer language study at a German university, as well as full-year scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. There are short term scholarships for graduate students available. Detailed information and application forms are available online at In recent years, our students were extremely successful in these competitions, with 1-3 fulltime scholarships awarded to UofM students every year.

In addition, there are a number of smaller grants (with a very high success rate) available through the University of Manitoba and the Faculty of Arts. Contact the advisor for work and study abroad programs in Germany for details.

Work in Germany
Working in Germany during the two-month Winter Semester Break (or part-time during the semester) can add a valuable dimension and experience to the stay in Germany.  Canadian students are entitled to obtain a temporary job during the Winter Semester break or following the end of the program year.  In the past most students who wanted a job succeeded in finding one.

For further information visit
or contact the program advisor Dr. Alexandra Heberger at 204-474-7867 or