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drawings, objects, inhabitation, landscapes, cities, atmosphere.
The intention of "Dead on Arrival" is to expand on conversations from within and beyond the Faculty of Architecture, to enhance our own networks of ideas and experiences, dimishing the distances between us and the outside world. Much is said and felt about our "Winnipeg condition," one which is deeply rooted in the reality of the land and its geography. The isolation inspires the creation of our own myths, but it also refers to an increasing necessity to partake in our own constructions and reflections, to disseminate our findings and to expose our own dialectics to a larger network: an audience which we
                                      know is out there searching through the same common motivators.


Never Speak With Your Mouth Full, by Natalija Subotincic (2008). This three-part speculative work conjoins the authors personal forays into collecting, an interpretation of Sigmund Freud's work environment/collection, and the design for an expansion to the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City, California. Contact the author directly for information.


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