Most students in the Faculty of Architecture fund the majority of their education costs through personal savings, family or government loans and part-time work. Some forms of financial assistance are available to help cover some program expenses. The best form of assistance is that provided through scholarships, bursaries, fellowships and teaching assistantships. Scholarships and fellowships are usually provided on a merit basis, involving strong competition, often favouring the academically strongest students. Bursaries are awarded confidentially on the basis of financial need, as well as, in most cases, a minimum academic standing.

Undergraduate funding and awards

Bachelor of Environmental Design students can find funding opportunities through UM's Financial Aid and Awards page or the Faculty of Architecture's awards database.

Graduate student funding opportunities

Graduate students can apply for various types of funding, including scholarships, research grants and assistantships.

Upcoming award deadlines

Many awards are available through the UM, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Graduate Studies databases. These ones deserve special consideration:

Fridrik Kristjansson Scholarship in Architecture

Intended to provide travel or research assistance to full time graduate students who have completed their first year of a Faculty of Architecture graduate program. Preference is given to students focusing on universal design and special needs in the planning and design of housing. 

Learn more about the Fridrik Kristjansson Scholarship in Architecture


Maxwell Starkman Scholarship Travel Award

Available for students in any of the four graduate programs within the Faculty of Architecture with the freedom to explore contemporary design issues in a world context, anywhere in the world. This prestigious award valued at $14,500 will enable its recipients to gain experience and knowledge through scholarly research which may lead to a written paper worthy of consideration for publication in a juried journal.

Learn more about the Maxwell Starkman Scholarship Travel Award

Deborah J. Norden Fund

Those students preparing a Starkman application may also wish to consider reworking it slightly for an application to the Deborah J. Norden Fund also intended to benefit Architecture, Housing and Community Planning students seeking to undertake some of their studies abroad.  

Learn more about the Deborah J. Norden Fund

Research assistantships

Research assistantships are usually somewhat informal, dependent on individual faculty members, and whether they are holding any grants for current research. Such opportunities generally begin to open up after the first term, once a student has been able to establish a "fit" with a particular faculty member and their research program.

Teaching assistantships

Teaching assistantships are more common in the Environmental Design program. They usually favour graduate students who have been in the undergraduate program themselves. A teaching assistant typically earns in the range of $1,200 to $2,500 per term. The competition for teaching Assistantships in the Faculty of Architecture opens each summer (usually in July) when the positions are advertised on the University website.

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