“even a brick wants to be something.” Louis Kahn


“architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins” Ludwig Mies van der Rohe



Student Fabrications Construct-Contest


Open to all students in the Faculty of Architecture



Submit your Fabrications to the Atmosphere 10 student contest and – by doing so – contribute to a collective design/build


installation. All individual entries will be aggregated into an interactive artifact to be exhibited before and during the Fabrications


symposium happening here in the Faculty of Architecture February 1-3, 2018. Outstanding contributions will be celebrated on the


event website and up to three winning fabricators will earn free symposium admission.



Using the size constraints of a standard brick, this contest probes the substantive thickness and interstitial depth of fabrications


that mediate differences: overlaps and interactions of interiority and exteriority; backs and fronts; homogeneity and heterogeneity;


modularity and eclecticism; the singular and the synthetic.








1. Your Fabrications must be physical artifacts you have made or modified with exquisite craft. They can be fabricated of any


     material, produced in any way, and configured in any form – so long as it fits within this maximum volume:



               92 x 57 x 203 mm


            – the dimensions of a standard brick.



2. Your Fabrications must be self-supporting and have at least four flat sides.



3. Your Fabrications must each have three documentary photographs for identification purposes. The image sizes must correspond


     to three of its orthogonal elevations: 92 x 57 mm; 57 x 203 mm; and 92 x 203 mm. 300 dpi jpg images must be sized exactly!



4. Your Fabrications must also each have a suggestive name comprised of no more than twelve characters (including spaces). This


     title may be shorter than 12 characters, or be composed of multiple short words – so long as it fits within 12 characters,


     including any spaces, numbers, or special characters.








Deliver your artifact(s) to the designated place, to be announced.



Email the Fabrications jpg(s), name(s), and your name, year and discipline to



Fabrications will be judged for craftsmanship, creativity (within the given parameters) and relevance to the symposium theme.



Submission Deadline: November 20, 2017 – 3pm.



Multiple submissions are welcome! Team submissions and clusters of Fabrications are encouraged!



Don’t miss this chance to be part of this fabulous Fabrications project!



All submissions will become part of a collective interactive installation. In collaboration with C.A.S.T, students are welcome to


volunteer and participate in the final construction of this mesmerizing structure later this fall. Stay tuned for more details.






Click here for further conceptual frameworks



Click here for [suggested] potential collective installations



Click here to download pdf version






photo: Amateur Architecture Studio [Ningbo Museum]

The 2018 Atmosphere Symposium is co-chaired by: Lisa Landrum and Liane Veness with the support of the Faculty's Cultural Events Committee and the Centre for Architectural Structure and Technology (C.A.S.T.); web design and graphics support by Tali Budman (ED4 Architecture student), and administrative support from Brandy O’Reilly (Faculty of Architecture, Partners Program).


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