Atmosphere is an annual symposium advancing interdisciplinary research and design. It is a forum to explore the ephemeral,


experiential and situational conditions of our shared world. Difficult to pin-down, capture and express, “atmosphere” is


enveloping yet recessive. It is what we as designers and interpreters of the built and natural environment strive to understand,


generate and meaningfully engage.



Since 2009 the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba has hosted an annual Atmosphere Symposium. This event


brings together researchers, designers and distinguished keynote speakers from around the world. It also gathers students and


professors from the five allied disciplines within our Faculty (Architecture, City Planning, Environmental Design, Interior Design


and Landscape Architecture); colleagues from other units across the University (including Engineering and Arts); and


representatives from Winnipeg’s local arts communities and professional associations. The three-day symposium includes


invited lecturers, peer-reviewed presentations, exhibitions, student installations, receptions, and numerous casual opportunities


for serious exchange.



Each year the Atmosphere Symposium poses a specific yet open-ended theme to draw researchers into a topically oriented


discourse. The theme for Atmosphere 10 is Fabrications.





Atmosphere 9 [2017]- Beauty Memory Entropy

Atmosphere 8 [2016]- Water

Atmosphere 7 [2015]- Emergence

Atmosphere 6 [2014]- Action

Atmosphere 5 [2013]- Ecology & Design

Atmosphere 4 [2012]- Experiencing the Everyday

Atmosphere 3 [2011]- Mediated Cities

Atmosphere 2 [2010]- Uncharted

Atmosphere 1 [2009]- Open

The 2018 Atmosphere Symposium is co-chaired by: Lisa Landrum and Liane Veness with the support of the Faculty's Cultural Events Committee and the Centre for Architectural Structure and Technology (C.A.S.T.); web design and graphics support by Tali Budman (ED4 Architecture student), and administrative support from Brandy O’Reilly (Faculty of Architecture, Partners Program).


Questions? Please contact info@atmos.ca

photo: Xue Wei [M2 Architecture]