Writing Tutor Support for Graduate Students

The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences is partnering with the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) to offer tutoring in writing for graduate students in the faculty. The writing tutors will offer four hours of tutoring each week through the fall and winter terms.

Students can meet with the tutors in 30 or 60-minute appointments to get feedback on papers for their courses, proposals, and parts of thesis and dissertation chapters. Tutors work with students on a range of writing concerns, from the organization of ideas to paraphrasing and referencing.

Please note: The writing tutor service is not a proofreading service. Tutors can offer feedback on patterns within drafts that require editing but do not assist with line-by-line editing.

Procedure for Booking an Appointment with a Writing Tutor

  1. Go to https://manitoba.mywconline.com

  2. Tutor Support Log in


  3. Log in using your UofM email address and password. If this is your first visit to the ALC online scheduler, please register for an account.


  4. As you log in, select the schedule for Graduate Students in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences.


  5. Select an open time slot. White time slots are available, blue are reserved for other students, and grey are unavailable.

  7. Fill in the required information for your appointment. Add a sentence or two explaining what you’d like to focus on in the appointment.

  9. Select “Save appointment.” The window should close. If it doesn’t, select “close.”

  11. Expect an email from the system confirming your appointment. If you don’t receive an email, please check your registration settings to confirm you’ve given the scheduler permission to contact you.